SOLD OUT! Steve Daines Takes Highest Donation from “Big Pharma” $134,000 in 2020


The following commentary was submitted to Montana 1st News by a Flathead County resident who has had more than enough of this ‘nonsense.’

“According to 2/3 of Congress took pay-offs from big pharma aka (donations). All of our reps received donations but Steve Daines tops them all with $134,000 in 2020.

Daines received $134,000 in 2020 by donations from Big Pharma-Daines the people are watching you

Until people quit covering for their supposed team and realize it’s not Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s our corrupt government in all its forms against ‘We the People.’

Both parties are selling us out, clinking glasses and laughing at our stupidity. They are strategic allies waging war against humanity and plundering our property.

Oh sure they pass ceremonious bills with as little effort as possible to give their victims a sense of hope but knowing damn well they will be chiseled away in court or overturned. Oh well, they tried, right?

Steve Daines is a traitor to this country. He’s liar and water carrier for the Chinese Communist Party or anyone else he can sell the citizens of this nation out to.

Sing it from the roof tops.”

To do some research on this matter you can sign in by linking here.

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