Lincoln County Citizen Provides Insight RE: Plains Escaped Convict Madness/Criminal Arrested


There are some very odd things surrounding the story of the convict from Michigan as you can clearly see when you read the article below as a local Lincoln County resident and others share information they had obtained.

“This is disgusting to me!

It was a freak accident that he was arrested in Libby anyway.

I was worried when he was held in Libby jail. Libby is 30 years behind the standards of practice for law enforcement and corrections protocols. I know the employees mean well, but they’re deficient. My husband has spent a career in this field (20 years in a different state where they were fully competent, now almost 10 years locally) and had told me on numerous occasions that something was going to go terribly wrong and a lawsuit would happen before they update methods and protocols.

On one occasion my husband accidentally carried a pocket knife into Libby’s jail facility for an interview he had to do. He said the jailer (corrections officer) didn’t check his credentials nor check his pockets for contraband.

That was years ago and procedures have not improved since.

He also works with Sanders County every week and mentioned similar problems there. I’m no expert, but I can’t imagine why the suspect was allowed transport in plain clothes! He probably had a cuff key hidden on his person, and the staff didn’t bother to check him.

He was wanted for double homicide many years ago, and he’s savvy.

He’s more savvy than the staff tending to him! Hopefully, nobody gets hurt in this situation, a situation that NEVER should have occurred! It’s disgusting! A private transport contracted through the US Marshals was who carried the convict.

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Because he was wearing plain clothing he could very well have had a ‘plastic key’ on him and never been checked. Typically plain clothes are only for court appearance, I’m told, and it’s very odd that US Marshals would sub contract the transport.

Also the following transpired,

Thompson Falls locals stated there was something “going down around the river” about the time the suspect was reported as “escaped”.

Someone on social media chimed in and stated the following,

“He was being taken to Missoula to be flown out to Michigan. Normal protocol is to have prisoners in civilian clothing on planes so they don’t freak out the passengers in prison orange.”

Update: SCSO Sheriff Shawn Fielders, two of his deputies and a Plains PD officer captured Mobley who is now lodged in the Sanders County Jail as of half an hour ago.

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