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Montana 1st News was created to celebrate the state of Montana and to do so by continuing to help assist in keeping our Constitutional and conservative roots ‘alive.’ We live in a unique state with so much to offer, and Montana1stNews will do all it can to help preserve it.

I, Brenda Roskos (as the sole proprietor of Montana1stNews), take very seriously the task of working diligently to help preserve the conservative traditions, free enterprise, and moral values on which Montana was founded.

Far too often, news sources will not even attempt to tell the true story because they have liberal leftist ideologies. At Montana1stNews (I and my staff) will attempt to bring a Constitutionally based Christian Worldview to the ‘world of news’ and will do so with integrity and grit, and honor (all while exposing the harm being imposed upon Montana and Montanans).

This new source will offer a plethora of various types and styles of news and writings from current World news and events, current Montana news and events, political news and happenings, as well as a healthy smattering of Montana history and Montana “Slice of Life” articles and stories just for fun and entertainment and because we live in an astounding state worth learning more about!

We believe you will enjoy this source immensely and find it:

1st in celebrating our great state and the 1st place you will want to turn for all your news!

1st in breaking and unique and unusual news

1st in ethics and the sharing of truth

1st in helping to keep the traditional Montana way of life thriving to the best of my (our) abilities

This is a news source for you to learn from, be challenged, and be inspired by.

You may contact me at to ask questions or send your article or news story for review or publication. (Longer, more labor-intensive articles etc., may require a consultation which (would require a fee) as would a series of ongoing articles requested or submitted for publication). Please note that it is at my sole discretion as to what is allowed for publishing, and it must be in alignment with the vision and purpose set forth above.

Montana1stNews is a limited ad online publication which means you will NOT be seeing obnoxious “pop-up ads” or Google ads (which are a hassle to navigate through and tacky). You will have the option to purchase ‘business ads’, which you can learn more about by contacting us.

What you will see posted at the bottom of every article is a “Donate From the Heart” Donor Box, which will provide you with various choices for donating monetary amounts such as $10, $25 and $100, and so forth per month, annually or a one time gift as you feel led (because you appreciate our hard work) as a result of the service we are providing for conscientious Montanans and our state (and we thank you so kindly for doing so)!

Another viable alternative should you care to donate is by writing a check to the following and mailing it to the address below.

Montana1stNewsLLC Montana1stNewsLLC P.O. Box 3253 Kalispell, MT 59903

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to run a viable new source and one where detailed research is a necessity. (We are investigative research journalists, and we share links to our work accordingly).

We trust you will be enthralled with “M1N” Montana1stNews!

“1st News Choice in the Big Sky State!”

Brenda Roskos-Publisher and Editor-Montana1stNews