WELCOME to Montana1stNews!


Welcome to Montana1stNews!

My staff and I are beyond thrilled to introduce you to our top-level online news source!

Montana1stNews has been in the works for several months as we’ve carefully fine-tuned our website in order to bring you current news in a readable, digestible fashion. To achieve trustworthiness, we link our sources and extend credit where credit is due. We are investigative research journalists and take the task of writing and sharing the news very carefully and in a crafted manner.

As the sole owner (publisher and editor) of Montana1stNews, I take great pains to serve the public the best I can via this timely news avenue.

As you read the “About Us” section at the top of our website, you will learn my vision of exactly what we (myself and staff) aim to achieve and exactly how we will go about doing so.

Our purpose is to bring you Constitutional and conservative-based news within a Christian Worldview (and will do so unapologetically). We will publish World news, Montana news, political news, and events along with a bit of Montana History and Montana slice-of-life stories engaging in lighthearted fun and adventure, which we discover in the Big Sky state!

We are excited for you to embark on this journey with us, and when you check out the “Contact Us” section, it will show you how to submit articles for possible publication and more.

Because we receive no government funding or salaries and will not inundate you with annoying ‘pop-up’ ads and other ways to thwart you from reading what we write, we are asking you to consider a “Donation from the Heart” towards our efforts, which will therefore enable us to continue to do what we do best meaning write, edit, research, and investigate (all of which are extremely time-consuming).

At the end of each article, you will be given an opportunity to donate as you feel led either by debit/credit card by way of our “Donor Box” or by mailing a check to the address listed below.

Make checks payable to Montana1stNewsLLC and mail to- Montana1stNewsLLC P.O. Box 3253 Kalispell, MT 59903

And finally, we extend a hearty ‘thank you’ to the team of folks who helped make this project possible!

We look forward to hearing from you, our readers, as we embark on this journey together!

Cheers, and welcome to Montana1stNews, your “1st News Choice in the Big Sky State!”

Brenda Roskos-Publisher and Editor-Montana1stNews

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Please consider a "Donation From the Heart"

If you should care via check simply write it to Montana1stNews LLC and mail it to:
Montana1stNews LLC
P.O. Box 3253
Kalispell, MT 59903


  1. Good Morning,
    I was forwarded your introduction and would like to welcome you to the world of informing the people of Montana.
    I am publisher/editor of Conservative News From Montana. I created CNFM to be more inclusive of Montana news only. I was previously reporting for Redoubt News and I am still editor for Montana of that news media based in Idaho.

    I have also expanded to work at the local level which I am owner/publisher/editor of Broadwater County News where I provide local news to the citizens here in Broadwater County.
    I would like to ensure that I do my best to network the news here in Montana.

    Thank you,


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