BREAKING: MT Supreme Court Justice Candidate Ingrid Gustafson-Billboard Posted Among “Gospel Messages”


Upon driving to Glacier National Park, something odd was spotted on the way to our destination. Astounded and perplexed, we found the following billboard placed strategically among a throng of ‘Bible and patriotic messages,’ which caused us to wonder.

How did ‘it’ get there? Who placed it there? Why was it there? Whatever the case may be, it is most probable that Ingrid Gustafson’s billboard was not placed in this particular location by accident.

Gustafson’s Billboard among Gospel and Patriotic messages
Gustafson’s billboard with 10 Commandments in the background

Chances are this particular billboard was placed on the edge of this “10 Commandment Park” and with great strategy. If you look closely you will see every other sign and billboard is either comprised of a Biblical message or one of patriotism.

It would be safe to say that this is a conservative venue.

If you look closely at the bottom of Gustafson’s billboard you will be able to read the word-LAMAR.

Lamar is a company which rents out billboard spaces.

So while all the other billboards present in the pictures have been placed (most likely) by one owner or person, Gustafson’s billboard (most likely) was rented out to her campaign manager and NOT by the owner of the other billboards. To say her billboard stuck out like a sore thumb is an understatement.

It just doesn’t seem to add up.

Gustafson is unashamedly pro choice which means unashamedly pro abortion. Why then would she want to have a billboard placed among a sign such as the 10 Commandments which states, “Thou Shalt Not Kill’ or for that matter the billboard below?

What would the purpose be in erecting a billboard in this particular spot? Could it be that Gustafson is looking for ‘conservative and Christian votes?’ Perhaps many do not understand the premises for which Gustafson stands.

If you look to the bottom right of the billboard in the picture above you will see a small sign that states, “Prayer Changes Things.”

Pray that the Lord will have His way in the most important election. The conservative choice in this election is James Brown. His website states the following:

Protect Our Montana Way of Life.

Vote James Brown for MT Supreme Court Justice. Vote accordingly. Vote for life.

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  1. It’s an interesting question: Who and why was Gustafson’s billboard placed right next to Biblical signs, especially after the Montana Supreme court legalized voter fraud and criminalized attempts to prevent it? Montana Supreme court judges know that Gustafson has little chance of getting re-elected without massive voter fraud, and with James Brown in the court, they will have more difficulties overturning legislation protecting women’s rights to informed consent to all medical treatments, including their rights not to get pregnant when they are not ready. While Gustafson and her party of KKK and Neo-Marxists claim to be ‘pro-choice’ and protectors of our ‘freedoms,’ their late-term abortions policies only help pedophiles not to get caught and provide Big Pharma with aborted baby parts for organ transplants. Gustafson represents the interests of the party, which denies women:
    a fundamental right to informed consent on medical treatments;
    a parental right to choose education options that best fit their children’s needs;
    women and girls’ rights to privacy and fair sports competition by letting men claim to be women in women’s protected places and to compete as ‘women.’
    Yet, they support the mutilation of victims of social contagion for gender clinics’ profits by letting unionized teachers brainwash tomboys and tomboys into believing that if they don’t 100% fit some stereotypes, they must be of opposite gender or no gender at all and that cutting off their healthy body parts and becoming dependent on expensive drugs for the reso of their lives is the only way to make them happy.
    Gustafson is the antagonist not only of the Bible but of most fundamental laws of nature and the principles of our constitutional republic. Placing her billboard among Bible and patriotic messages proves that Democratic candidates cannot win without cheating and lying. This means that the most critical question is not who and why Gustafson’s billboard was placed next to Biblical signs, but what will we do when the voter fraud elects Montana representatives in the Montana supreme court and at all other elected positions?


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