Op-Ed: “Repke Doesn’t Seem Well Qualified for Public Service Commissioner” (Plus Ulterior Motives)


The following Opinion Editorial was submitted to Montana1stNews by Amber Golliday of Kalispell, MT.

“I don’t understand why so many Letters to the Editor seem to say that Dr. Bukacek’s Democrat opponent (John Repke) is so well-qualified to be a Public Service Commissioner.  I just don’t see it.  According to his website, except for manual labor and clerical functions early on, his life has been spent in financial recordkeeping and reporting, as well as advising how to do so.  

That’s not the job of a PSC commissioner.  

Their job is more like the corporate board of directors that determines the direction, availability, production, and distribution of products and services.  The Commission employs well-versed staff people to do their former job.  But of more concern is the fact that (except for a short time in the waste management business), Repke has been working for oil companies, energy providers, and their consultants. 

I would feel uncomfortable voting for a regulator who had spent most of his life working for and living off of the very industry he is supposed to regulate. This appears to be an ulterior motive. There are of course other issues I have, but this is extremely concerning and troublesome.

Amber Golliday – Kalispell

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