Part 1: Miss Kathy, Miss Beth (and Ewe-Gene the Sheep) Declare HAND-COUNT MY VOTE! (videos within)


Did you know that you can ask to have your vote Hand-Counted? Stay tuned as Miss Kathy, Miss Beth, and Ewe-gene the Sheep share their great discovery of how Montanans can request their ballots be HAND-COUNTED.

As you watch the videos below, pay close attention to the content, for in it, you will learn things you probably didn’t know before.

Miss Beth goes to the mailbox and finds the Secretary of State’s election postcard with great ideas to help us get Voteready! PLUS, Miss Beth discovers more. In the Secretary of State’s Election Judge Handbook, page 11, there is a provision that allows voters to request their ballot be HAND COUNTED!

Watch below as Ewe-gene the Sheep learns the correct way to vote! He is super excited to be learning about his voting rights!

Good News!

Ewe-gene the Sheep is excited for Miss Kathy to read the Secretary of State’s Election Judge Handbook page 11. It is Good News that it provides Montana voters the ability to request their ballots be Hand Counted! So, if you don’t want your ballot to be run through the electronic vote tabulating machine, no worries. Go to the polls on November 8th or go to your Election Administrator’s office and ask for your white envelope labeled HAND COUNT!

“Ewe,” too, will want to read this story again and again!

Each polling place will have this guide, or you can print it off yourself online before you go to the polls.
OK, this part is essential, so pay attention.

What you’re viewing above is page 11 of the ‘Election Judge Handbook.’ To ensure your vote gets HandCounted, make sure to do the following,

  1. If you are voting at the polls, you, the Elector, need to return your completed ballot to the Election Judge and ask to have your ballot Hand-Counted.
  2. The Election Judge will then remove the stub and place the stub in the stub container.
  3. The Election Judge will then hand your ballot back to you, and you will then place your vote in an envelope which says ‘Hand Counted.’
  4. If you are an Absentee Voter, go to your election office and request your white envelope labeled HAND-COUNT.
  5. If you take your Absentee ballot to the polls – before you seal your ballot –ask for your white envelope labeled ‘HAND-COUNT.’ Then, finish preparing the mailing envelope. Be sure to sign the back.

Observe below as Miss Beth explains how in the Secretary of State’s Information Systems Audit of 2020, it states that HandCounting Votes are the most secure form of voting.

To use the most secure form of voting, ask for your ballot to be HAND-COUNTED.

Study the chart below to better understand the difference between Hand-Counted and Machine-Counted votes.

Be sure to show up at the polls on voting day and ask your vote to be Hand-Counted.

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