WHISTLEBOWER: Voters!-Here’s the List of Candidates-(See Who Didn’t Want to Return YOUR Tax Money)


If you remember correctly there was a HUGE amount of money (1.4 billion) that the citizens of Montana (unknowingly) overpaid on their taxes and many honest and upright candidates wanted it (and rightly so) returned to you the taxpayers.

Right about NOW seems the appropriate time to reveal who didn’t want to give you your money back (and who did).

The overpayment of your taxes (yes to the tune of 1.4 billion) belongs to you and should have been returned to you pronto.

But it seems some of the folks on the list below had other ideas on how your money should be spent- because it seems they surely didn’t want it returned to you, the ‘taxpayer.’

The folks in the REJECT column voted against a Special Session that would have been established to return your hard-earned money. Those who voted affirmatively in the APPROVE column to approve a Special Session are worth carefully noting as the voting season is upon us.

Of Special Note: Reps Brad Tschida, Michele Binkley, and Jennifer Carlson worked very diligently toward getting a Special Session to take place.

Among those who care about honesty and integrity and the tax payers of Montana include: Lola Sheldon-Galloway, Theresa Manzella, John Fuller, Braxton Mitchell, Paul Fielder, Steven Galloway, Ed Hill, Barry Usher, Brandon Ler, Bob Phalen, Caleb and Jedidiah Hinkle, and Kenneth Bogner (as well as numerous others listed above).

Among those listed above who don’t want to return your hard-earned money are Mary Ann Dunwell, Frank Garner, Wendy McKamey, Denley Loge, Dave Fern, Diane Sands, Mike Fox, Cydnie Boland, David Bedey, Jonathan Windy Boy and Moffie Funk.

And those who didn’t vote at all? Are simply more “NO” votes coming against a Special Session.

One honorable House Representative had this to say-

There will be no Special Session. You will not see any benefit of the surplus in your mailbox this year. See how your Reps and Senators voted here (not voting is the same as “NO” – and we all know that. It just makes it easier for some to say they did not vote against, FYI): Gallatin County – take a look at who didn’t think you needed any relief. Vote accordingly.

Yes Vote =YES (They wanted to make sure you got your money back)

No Vote= NO (They did NOT want you to get your money back)

Declined to Vote=NO (They did NOT want you to get your money back)

You can research the following article by clicking here to see more details on this important issue.

We’re in election season right now. Look at the list above and make conscientious choices-vote wisely.

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