Opinion-Editorials: Sandra Merchant- “Respectful, Professional, Qualified, Transparent”


The following Opinion-Editorials were submitted by various citizens of Cascade County. When you read each of these letters you will see a thread running throughout each-Sandra Merchant (candidate for Cascade County Clerk and Recorder) exerts professionalism, respect, civility, and transparency.

It is my immense pleasure to endorse Sandra Merchant for the position of Cascade County Clerk and Recorder.

The position she seeks requires stable leadership that can communicate with transparency and respect. In this time in history the institutions that we have trusted all our lives are coming into question.
This is not an anomaly, but more evidence is provided almost daily that something isn’t quite right with our local leaders. Sandra has the professional qualifications and background to fulfill the duties required as Clerk and Recorder and in addition carries herself with a lifestyle of respect, gentleness, and kindness which will bring some civility in communication greatly needed to bring trust back to our local voting process. Please support Sandra Merchant with your vote.

Mark Workman

Why I’m supporting Sandra Merchant for Cascade County Clerk & Recorder:

Her background totally qualifies her and I am confident that she can handle the job. Most of all she will be totally transparent about the elections. She believes that “We The People” have a right to ask whatever questions we want to concerning any election because The Clerk & Recorder works for “We The People”, and answers to the people, not the other way around. She believes that it is the right of the people to be as much a part of the election process as they want to and will welcome their questions and appreciate any input to help make our elections safe and secure. She won’t treat questions about the election as harassment, but instead as a right of the people and will cooperate with the people instead of trying to intimidate them. Sandra Merchant has my vote.

Kathy Hendrickson

I am so happy to support Sandra Merchant for County Clerk. These past few years have exposed a lot of questions and discrepancies that have left many of us with questions about the current official. As we have tried to get involved and learn the process we have been meet with rude, accusatory, and nontransparent responses. The “this is how we have always done it” regardless of the law, wrong math, and cloudy definitions. We the people are doing our duty to elect honest and upright people to office. Sandra will welcome involvement and questions from the people she serves. Sandra has many diverse life experiences that will help her in this position. Sandra will be fresh eyes, perspective, ideas, and transparency to the Count Clerk’s office. Term limits protect us from positions getting stagnant and complacent, that is why our founding fathers set elections in place so We the people could hold the power NOT the elected officials. I am grateful for Sandra to step to the plate and run this race, I am happy to support her in every way!

Sincerely Kathy Workman

I strongly support Sandra Merchant for Cascade County Clerk.

The current county clerk, Rina Fontana-Moore, has been involved in questionable actions which have caused many to distrust her ability to perform her duties. She behaves unprofessionally toward citizens who simply ask questions about the voting process and tabulation of results. This is not the type of “transparent” government we need here in Cascade County. She typically responds with “this is how we have always done it” when queried about her procedures. She doesn’t operate as one who works for “We the People.” We are doing our due diligence to ensure our government behaves professionally, ethically, and lawfully.

Sandra has a “servants heart” and will be transparent in the performance of her duties. She has many diverse life experiences that make her uniquely qualified to serve in this position. Sandra will provide a Constitutional perspective, ideas, and transparency to the Count Clerk office. We the people hold the power – NOT the elected officials who usurp their authority against us. I am grateful for Sandra to step into this race and I give her my strongest endorsement!

Terry L. Knowles

[Publishers Note: Montana 1st News fully endorses Sandra Merchant for Cascade County Clerk and Recorder]

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