“I Have Front Row Seats to the Political Theater” (A Play in Three Acts)


I Have Front Row Seats to the Political Theater

As intermission arrives the curtain closes, the audience rises in applause. People move to the break area and the stage is reset for Act II and beyond. Act I ended in a cliff hanger and what happens next only a few are allowed to know. The main characters remain the same while some of the supporting cast changes. The script was written a long time ago and the result is “guaranteed.”

The fighting we see among politicians and those pursuing public office is often the same thing, political theater we pay for. It’s all for our entertainment and to keep us distracted from the things that matter.

Enter stage right, or left, it doesn’t matter:

Act I


Candidates within parties fight amongst themselves for the chance to win the prize of nomination. This prize is most often not the privilege of serving the American people, but the congressional paycheck for life, or the feeling of importance and power. Rare are those who truly seek office to serve this nation; too many knives in the back can hurt.

This act is focused on making sure the audience knows there are only so many allowed on stage, and they have little real choice as candidates get filtered out by the party establishment.


The intermission period is where the new actors are prepared, and the stage is changed. Anything that doesn’t fit is removed. The curtain remains closed because the audience is not allowed to see. The parties cooperate and rehearse their lines before they are allowed in the public eye. The directors approve everything and make sure everything is in order before moving forward. Unfortunately, this includes ensuring the systems are in place to make the votes reflect what the establishment has already agreed upon.

Act II

General Election

Once the parties are done rehearsing the next act starts. We get to see the elephant and donkey fight. They come together only to attack anybody not invited. They can’t allow any deviation from the script. Only when those who only want to honestly serve the American people are dealt with can the parties return to fighting each other. These deviations are known by names like libertarian, independent, or maybe just American. The election results are simply the changing of the supporting cast, the main actors will remain because they know the entire script. Meanwhile the directors continue to ensure that all play their part.

Critical to Act II is the appearance of free, fair, legal, and accurate elections. We used to have all the results in one day when counting by hand; now it takes a week to see results using machines. With The Rise of the Machines comes the potential fall of the nation. This stage act reaches its most absurd scene when the audience is left to wait and watch for days to see how their will is thwarted by the state, not if it will.


Post-Election and Governing

Like two dancers the parties in the US Congress sometimes support each other and at times oppose. It depends on what is needed, but the audience must be entertained. The actors all know their lines and when the supporting cast steps out of line the party leadership corrects them. Those who refuse to adopt the script or expose the final parts of the play are called extremists, conspiracy theorists, or worse. Divergent or creative thinkers and people who want to do the right thing will not be tolerated.

The show must go on. A show directed by the World Economic Forum and other globalist minded organizations.

When something could cause a major script change, the directors take extreme measures. Look at the delay in reporting Maricopa County election results. The delay in reporting what looks like a Kari Lake victory tells us the directors are scared, the actors stepped out of line, and the audience is tired of watching.

Last time this happened Donald Trump became President.

As I monitored the 2022 mid-term elections, I concluded that the political world is like the theater which is described above. I’m a part of the audience crying out to my fellow observers in hopes that we will all wake up to the fact that the end goal is already written by globalists. We will all be victims if we don’t come together. This is not about a political party this is about the American people deciding they’ve had enough. We must go on stage and fire the actors and directors, they are only the entertainment, however we are in charge.

I no longer want to be a paid observer in a seat at today’s political theater. It is like sitting in a raft while watching the Titanic sink.

It’s time to tear up the script, the Great “We”-Set must come, it’s up to us.

Lt Col (ret), US Army, Darin Gaub is a Co-founder of Restore Liberty, an international military strategist and foreign policy analyst, an executive leadership coach, and serves on the boards of multiple volunteer national and state level organizations. The views presented are those of the author and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or its components.

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