Exclusive! SHUT DOWN ARIZONA TODAY!-RE: Stolen Election (How To’s Inside) Meet at Capitol!


The following operation was sent for publishing on Montana 1st News by retired Lt. Colonel Darin Gaub who runs Restore Liberty.




1.1 Our mid-term elections were stolen from us. They were also conducted with
gross mismanagement, gross negligence, criminality, and a stellar lack of proper
oversight, and conducted by a Secretary of State who was running in the race – a clear
criminal conflict of interests.
1.2 The election results DO NOT reflect the will of The People by any stretch of the
imagination and every effort is being made to block rectifying the issue with
perversions of law and justice.
1.3 A call-out has been made on the internet to “shut down Arizona”. It’s about
time. Apparently, it’s gaining traction.
1.3.1 The Objectives of this movement are the following – a new
election on December 6th, (see insert) with reasonable
conditions. See below. No machines, one day one vote, paper ballots, ID
required, etc. If these demands are not met by this Thursday evening, the
shutdown will commence by Friday at 0700 hrs.


2.1 Shut down as many roads and highways in metropolitan and governmental
areas as possible via parked vehicular obstruction in order to force elected officials to
declare a new Mid-term Election on December 6th with the conditions named above.
2.2 If we shut down Arizona, we can deny our enemies their tools, such as,
2.2.1 traffic,
2.2.2 materials and goods deliveries,
2.2.3 regular travel,
2.2.4 finances via the loss of revenue,
2.2.5 debilitation of the ability of law enforcement to act
illegally against us, the list goes on.


3.1 Pack camping gear, food, clothing, and everything one might need for a camping trip.
3.2 Locate your nearest STAGE 1 location as noted on Overview A Stage 1 map, and go
3.3 Park on the sides of the road in legal parking areas first, as they fill up
begin parking on the side of the road in ‘not legal’ parking areas. From there begin
blockading the through-lanes.
3.4 As other vehicles arrive, they can be parked further up the ramp
toward the highway itself.
3.5 If you are in an area other than Phoenix,
3.5.1 google map your roadways,
3.5.2 locate your downtown,
3.5.3 locate the major roadways supplying them with vehicular traffic
3.5.4 begin planning with your family, friends, and
associates to apply this concept of operations to your
specific area.
3.6 Regarding safety
3.6.1 – We must all make on-site safety decisions for ourselves.
3.6.2 – Have a first aid kit or IFAK with you.
3.6.3 – Be prepared to render First Aid as needed if you are capable.
3.6.4 – Have your phone handy to dial 911 if needed.
3.6.5 – If you have roadside safety equipment in your vehicle – USE IT.
3.6.6 – Caution triangles, road flares, safety cones, whatever you have placed
accordingly around your vehicle so that oncoming traffic sees you and can make a
safe decision to slow down and avoid.
3.7 Regarding confrontations with law enforcement
3.7.1 – LEO may come to you and ask or demand that you move your vehicle. Scenario Example, “But Officer, my engine quit, and I
can’t move it…” Personally, I have been having issues with some
spark plug wires and it’s not uncommon for one to get burned on the
manifold, killing the engine. And as a matter of fact, that darned gas
gauge hasn’t been working quite right either. I think I’m out of gas.
My buddy has a Tesla that he keeps forgetting to charge up too…
damned thing breaks down on the highway all the time. – Scenario Example, one can drive the road square at 5mph. It
prevents possible towing and also forms a slow-roll blockade.
3.8.0 – Regarding emergency vehicle traffic
3.8.1- UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we incite or condone the restriction
of emergency vehicles passage through any area!
3.8.2 – A clear lane MUST be maintained for these vehicles at all costs.
3.8.3 – Fire trucks, ambulances, and law enforcement vehicles are NOT to be
impeded, harassed, vandalized, or otherwise!
3.8.4 – If you see anyone restricting the passage of an emergency vehicle, please
attempt to talk them down, restrain them, and call law enforcement if you
absolutely have to.
3.8.5 – The maps attached should give us all a general idea of what is to take place
in ALL major metro areas, follow the blueprint!
3.9 Regarding firearms- NO LONG GUNS PLEASE. If you feel you must have
firearms available for personal defense, please carry your sidearms concealed. Also if
you wear body armor please wear it concealed.
3.10 Regarding the arrival of The Arizona National Guard- Kari Lake has
mentioned soliciting the help of the AZNG. If they arrive we need to avoid
confrontation with them, stand our ground, and not allow them to move us. They will
supposedly be in support of the New Election December 6th issue though.
3.11 Regarding signs- bring your signs, bullhorns, and party noise-makers.


4.1 Maintain regular contact with family, and friends to keep them informed of your
safety and situation. Have at least 3 contacts that you can communicate with and that
know where you are.
4.2 Live-stream the entire time as you can, or at least as often and as long as you
4.3 Don’t forget to have a charger for your phone and/or laptop.
4.4 Have some form of camera other than your phone! Bodycams or GoPro is
preferred but anything will work. You need to document everything that you can in
terms of resistance to OUR movement.
4.5 A logistics plan is being written to support out-of-State participants with water,
food, and fuel. We do not have funding for these items so you folks coming in from
out of State will need to provide funds for these things until a mass-funding avenue
can be implemented.


5.1 Phones, Zello, radios, and walkie-talkies bring what you have. If you have
family/friends in your immediate area set frequencies if you haven’t already. Get
in communication with those around you!
5.2 Introduce yourselves, form a small group and a plan for safety and
communication for your small area, maybe 5 to 20 cars. Plan on banding together in
a group PEACEFULLY if you must resist law enforcement or other persons’ illegal
attempts to deter you, assault you, kidnap(arrest) you. Don’t take on an area that is
too big to keep track of, be your brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, and help each other! Btw
laying in the street in front of your vehicle can help prevent towing…

Check back with Montana 1st News as the story develops.

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