IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION! Zoom TONIGHT 6 PM! Gianforte’s Executive Order Would “Californize” Montana!


A Montana resident (Whistleblower) alerted Montana 1st News concerning what Governor Gianforte has planned for Montana! You can help thwart this problem by jumping on tonight’s ZOOM meeting! Check out the details below!

“PLEASE READ Montanans are given only ONE opportunity to contribute a Public Comment today via zoom with the VERY FIRST AND ONLY meeting held after working hours. When: TODAY, December 7th at 6:00 pm. Join on zoom (link below) ✅Housing Task Force recommendations:✅Zoom Meeting✅ Look for a recent CA video showcasing its 3rd world country quality of life Montana.

You have an opportunity to get ahead of the laws that’s about to unfold. The Montana Housing Task Force, a “Housing Advisory Council” created by Governor Gianforte’s Executive Order, is making the following recommendations for the 2023 legislature to enact as LAW! See the link above ⬆️ Let me tell you … it’s not pretty. The recommendations are a FINANCIAL GIFT to out-of-state developers. A top-down one size fits all approach. THE RESULTS WOULD TURN MONTANA INTO THE 3rd WORLD COUNTRY OF CALIFORNIA! Oh, and did I mention the state would be using YOUR HARD-EARNED TAX DOLLARS to PAY FOR the developer’s infrastructure costs for high-density developments?

Long story short, our tax dollars are used to increase developer profit margins while ruining the cherished Montana way of life. Being a 5th generation CONSERVATIVE California REFUGEE, I can tell you first hand these policies DESTROY communities; will destroy nature, eliminate Montana’s cherished quality of life, crime will skyrocket, trash and homelessness will run rampant, our schools will become overcrowded, utterly miserable traffic, rationing of electricity and water and marry people to the government in the form of handouts.

I am trying to sound the alarm to help keep Montana, Montana instead of turning Montana into CA.”


MUST WATCH! This is a glimpse into Montana’s future if we don’t stop the egregious Housing Task Force Recommendations from becoming a one size fits all STATE LAW! The video is from a California city today. And let me tell you….this video doesn’t even scratch the surface. Check out the task force recommendations below: ✅✅Log on 12/7 at 6 pm for public comment:


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  1. Work force housing?
    Used to be that people provided their own housing.
    He lists zoning restrictions as a causative factor in driving up housing prices.
    Why don’t we try eliminating some of the zoning laws first?


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