Christmas Eve Hoopla: Migrants Arrive at Kamala Harris’ House


  • Aren’t things always wild in Washington D.C.?? On Christmas Eve Migrants showed up on Kamala’s doorstep!
  • Busloads of migrants were dropped outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence on Saturday.
  • Multiple outlets reported they wore inadequate winter clothing in freezing temperatures.
  • Republican governors previously sent migrants to Democratic cities to protest Biden’s immigration policy.

Several busloads of migrants were dropped off outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington D.C. on Saturday evening in freezing temperatures, according to multiple reports.

The migrants were brought to the Naval Observatory, where Harris lives, from Texas, according to local ABC affiliate news network WJLA’s 7News .

Some of the people were wearing inadequate clothing such as T-shirts and sweatshirts during extreme winter weather conditions that saw temperatures drop to 18 degrees Fahrenheit in D.C., according to CNN .

The Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network told 7News that it took three busloads of migrants to shelter in a church and provided them with warm food and clothes.

video shared by 7News D.C. reporter Christian Flores on Twitter showed a group of people entering a bus. “The third and final bus of migrants of the night of migrants buses up to D.C. from Texas arriving, with Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network taking them to a church,” read the tweet.

The article continued with,

“While it is not clear who sent the buses, several Republican governors , including Texas governor Greg Abbott, have previously sent migrants to Democratic cities like Washington D.C. and New York to protest President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.”

You can read the full story here. By Alia Shoaib (Newsbreak)

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  1. The joke is on all Americans who laugh at this crime! These illegal immigrants are being bused , illegally to the middle of country then given quarter by organizations that are getting money from the taxpayers through the money laundering criminals who occupy “representative” public offices. Whoever bussed these folks should be legally removed from office and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!


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