The CSKT Water Compact: “Fight it En Masse!”


The topic of the CSKT Water Compact is so very important we will continue to press this issue so all who need to understand it will. Julie Martin (a Flathead County resident) submitted the following editorial.

Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding the CSKT Water Compact.  The wording of this behemoth of government overreach, Constitutional (US and MT) violations, and lack of due process is deliberately full of confusing legalese so that the average person cannot begin to understand it, much less realize how hard they need to fight to oppose it.  The Compact basically says that the tribes (meaning the elitist leaders, not the people we know as our neighbors) own all of our water, regardless if you have water rights with your land.  You have to get their permission to use the water on your own land and they have first rights.  That is equivalent to telling a farmer that they cannot harvest their crops on their land because the crops actually belong to the tribes and they have first rights to harvest, so the farmers can have the leftovers (if there are any).  Such a notion is completely ludicrous, but here we are. 

Everyone needs to visit to learn the real truth of what is going on and how to fight it.  The objections can be filed at Oppose this en masse!


Julie Martin


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