Breaking! Helena “Capitol Message Center Workers” Tell Public HR1 (House Rules) Was Rescinded!


A very concerned Montana citizen contacted Montana 1st News with the following information which they unraveled by calling the “Capital Message Center” as well as speaking with legislators.

“Hello Patriots,

The Montana State House members voted today 1-3-23 to POSTPONE voting On HR1 AGAIN, until tomorrow 1-4-23 at 1:00 p.m.

HR1 is the House Rules.

We have to keep the pressure up.

Keep calling the Capitol Message Center for the legislators! Call 1-406-444-4800 and tell the legislators to Vote No on HR1! Get your family and friends to call also; this is a really critical vote. If you call and they tell you it has been rescinded, go ahead and tell them you would like your messages to go to them anyway!

(Because it could be rescinded for like five minutes and then put back on the board)!


Friends share widely on social media everywhere and NOW!

The legislators need our messages. We have to be persistent. They want to hear from us.

Thank you!”

(Here’s even more information as the citizen continued….

“When I was having people calling today they were calling me or texting me and informed me that the people who were answering the phones were telling them that the bill had been rescinded so they didn’t need to leave messages. I contacted them back and told them to call back and tell them you want your message given to them anyway.


I called at 9:30 this morning and left a message for five legislators; one particular legislator had not received his message in the late afternoon yet so I called back and sent 74 messages to more legislators! This same legislator did go down and talk with those answering the phones and told them that “they should not be telling people the bill was rescinded and not taking their messages.”

Here’s were we are folks. We have deceptive measures taking place at the Capitol in order to not get the messages through to our legislators.

The vote is TOMMOROW. Ring those phones off the hook! Continue calling all the Republican Representatives and ‘en masse’ (meaning call them all). Call the Capitol number and Representatives individually. (Capitol number 1-406-444-4800)

Here’s the list. To find your Republican Representative’s contact information (meaning phone numbers and email addresses) CLICK HERE!

Continue to check back with Montana 1st News as the story continues.

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