Helena: Rinos Vote with Democrats to Pass HR1 (Undermine Legislative Process/Montana Citizens)


“Larry Brewster voted (yes) in committee to pass it which is how it got to the floor and then on the floor he tried to recover himself (by voting no) and thinks that’s going to be OK. That’s a big “NO NO” with many of us.”

Conservative Montana citizens are NOT happy with what’s going on. The Bill in question is HR1 (House Resolutions Bill).

Things are hot and heated at the Montana Capitol. The following “Rinos” (Republicans in Name Only) sided up with Democrats to push HR1 through which would rush motions to override the committee’s decision and allows the full House to debate and vote on the bill. In former sessions, it’s allowed bipartisan coalitions to further major legislation to finally become law after deteriorating in committee.

Look at this list of supposed Republicans who voted “Yes” on this crazy Bill. Courtenay Sprunger (Flathead County Rino) has been seen following Llew Jones around the Capitol for quite some time and doing his bidding. Other obvious Rinos on this list include Denley Loge, Llew Jones, and Tony Brockman.

Sprunger and Brockman are a part of the PAC “Flathead First” which claims to be “conservative” and yet a part of the “Great Middle” (which means liberal) as endorsed by Marc Racicot who supported Ingrid Gustafson during her campaign.

House Speaker Matt Regier isn’t thrilled with the Bill being passed but felt there is still hope.

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  1. Zack Wirth (R) is new this session and was told in advance to vote with Lola Galloway and he chose to vote otherwise, later claiming he was confused. Zack Wirth was the chosen HD80 nominee coming out of the joint subcommittee selection process, and was chosen for that seat by Powell County and LCC BoCC. LCC BoCC voting weight was about 83%. LCC’s Board of County Commission is comprised of “non partisan” Commissioners… 2/3 of them have Democrat voting records. What does that tell you? This story is worth investigating. Becky Beard should have stayed put, but she wanted Terry Gauthier’s seat in SD40, because he had to resign ti go on a biker trip or something. Irritating all the way around.


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