The Chicken and Egg Fiasco-(Egg Trauma, Drama)


Of course if they pay you to kill your chickens there is bound to be an ‘egg shortage.’

Such is the case now and nationwide as in ‘egg chaos.

Recently in Montana, a large Hutterite Colony “culled” (killed their chickens). Why on earth would they do that you might ask? Well, the Government had them convinced their chickens were diseased. (Word has it these ‘diseased chickens’ have been checked with tests similar to the faulty PCR tests (which proved to falsify “Covid” results in humans). And at $3 a pop-meaning (that’s the amount the ‘Gov’ paid these Hutterites) to kill their birds so they complied. Fear and government control are powerful things as we’ve all seen these past three years.

(I for one had never heard of any chickens turning belly up with their tongues hanging out of their beak(s).

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What we do know for sure is that at least one egg processing plant that sold millions of eggs was set on fire not long ago click here to see the insanity. (And although the article will try to convince you it was an accident) with multitudes of food warehouses being torched to the ground the prospect of this event being accidental is highly unlikely.

Here’s what’s happening in Montana. (See “supply issue” below)

As seen in Kalispell
(Source unknown)
Source unknown (It’s so crazy out there)
funny not funny ha (Source unknown)

Check back at Montana 1st News as the story develops.

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