Persecuted Madison County Missionaries (and More): “The Dangerous and Glorious Gospel”


True servants of the real Gospel of the Lord Christ often encounter excruciating danger and it’s common. Throughout time over and over again we see much persecution of the beloved saints and especially as they commit to sharing Christ.

Here are some examples.

George Mueller (the missionary who saved the lives of 10,000 orphans and then preached the Gospel in over 300 countries in multiple languages) became so sick at the start of his mission work with stomach ailments all he could do was writhe in a bed for three years and cry out to God.

Amy Carmichael (whom I’ve termed the “Missionary who saved Sexually Abused Children”) asked the Lord to use her more fully then soon after proceeded to fall in a hole, broke her hip, and leg, injuring her foot and ankle, and ended up instructing her disciples (who helped train the children in India in Christian doctrine) spent the last 20 years of her life in bed while doing so.

Jim Elliot and Nate Saint (missionaries to the Auca-Huaorani Indians of Ecuador) were murdered simply for trying to engage and befriend the tribes of that region and yes to share the “Good News” of Christ with them.

John Bunyan was in jail for 12 years for preaching the Gospel of the Lord Christ.

We’ve all heard the term and especially in the world of sports, “no pain no gain.” Well, personally I think that term rings truer in the spiritual arena. Many Christians have also been told “Well if you’re being persecuted you must be hovering “Over the radar.”

David Livingstone the great missionary to Africa was mauled by a lion.

What is the point of sharing all of this? Well, it’s a lead-in and lesson builder in educating folks concerning the persecuted missionaries who came all the way West from the East to share the “Good News” joy and peace of Jesus Christ for all who wanted to listen and receive it to those living in Montana. And for the most part that’s what happened with these missionaries traveling from North Carolina to Montana (well for the most part that is meaning the peace and joy).

Then the missionaries from North Carolina landed in MADISON COUNTY.

Madison County has a historical track record of corruption. But spiritually speaking it’s because of “spiritual wickedness in high places.” In the Bible (Book of Ephesians) I always thought that meant high as up in the spiritual deviant spirits in the air. Because the Bible also tells us that “Satan is the prince of the power of the air.” But in reference to Madison County, it made me think of the hierarchy as those in charge. High places as in “high rank” as in the authorities over that county. (Just my own thoughts on the matter).

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We know the truth. We are not deceived and we understand how the enemy (whom the bible calls “the evil one”) comes to steal, kill and destroy. He is also the “accuser of the brethren” meaning believers in Christ and aims to come to harm true Christ seekers and servants as they aim to do what is right and good and pleasing to God.

On that crazy day on November 12th, in Madison County, MT everything was backward. The real victims were and are the missionaries. The so-called “victim” is the assailant. These wonderful people who cared enough to come all the way to Montana to share what is good, holy, and right, were met with atrocity and harm.

But “God will not be mocked” and a “man will reap what he sows.”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is DANGEROUS meaning danger tends to fall upon those who share the Bible and the message of Christ in truth and love. However, the true danger comes to those who come against the servants of God. In the next life, “Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father” and that means those who slung the name of the Lord God in vain towards these brave missionaries. The Bible also tells us “It’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

The glorious Gospel tells us that “God will work all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” We also know that “God will continue His good work- until the day of Christ Jesus.” God has used the missionaries of old in this story for glorious causes; He has and will continue to do the same with “the persecuted Christians of Madison County.”

We commend these mistreated and abused missionaries who for the sake of attempting to bless Madison County endured hardship and harm. For those who desire to fast and pray and to see justice played out please do so.

Call to Action! Please call our Attorney General Austin Knudsen IMMEDIATELY and beseech him to seek the will of almighty God concerning these selfless missionaries who came to spread the “Good News” to Madison County and from a pure heart.

These missionaries have broken no laws, have committed no crime(s), acted only in self defense and God will not be mocked. His will WILL be done and mightily.

To God be the Glory.

Please call Austin Knudsen today; please do not delay.

To read in sequence what these missionaries have endured up until this point please access the former articles by clicking here.

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