To the Invasive Liberal New Montanans “We Don’t Grow Soy-We Slaughter Cattle”


Ok that’s not totally true. Montana does grow some soy but nothing like it does cattle.

People are moving in droves to our beloved state. Some native Montanan’s detest this fact, others put up with it, and still, others think it might be O.K. (since it “strengthens the economy”) -which is debatable in ways.

It’s becoming apparent that the housing market is nuts in Montana, especially Missoula, Kalispell, Whitefish, Bozeman, and Billings. Likewise, residents (some) have caved in and sold their souls by selling homes right out from underneath renters-often not even caring to give them a 30-day notice- and are converting long-term rentals into “Air bnbs” because they are so much more profitable. Some new “residents” aren’t residents at all but buy homes here for their children to inhabit once they graduate from college or who just want a second home for themselves down the road. Still, others are snowbirds and leave their homes vacant for 1/3 to 1/2 the year.

But here is reality. It’s HARD living in Montana. The wages are lower than most places in the country. The weather is harsh and can be extremely harsh in some areas, such as Bozeman and Havre, which can see up to -30 degree temperatures in the winter months.

The Northwest portion of Montana is dark. We tend to get the Seattle weather patterns up north and don’t see the sun for days on end. Flathead County is, in fact, the “6th darkest place” in the nation and can be cloudy for weeks on end. The suicide rates are very high in Montana for a myriad of reasons (and of which I’m not going to tackle here), but Vitamin D is a must for most Montanans.

People are scared, and who can blame them? And in their defense, “not every Californian” is here to change our way of life. Many want to get out of Seattle and Portland, and L.A. because those places are crime-ridden, drug-laden, homeless, and poverty-stricken areas. However, transients and the homeless are moving to Montana too, and hence we are becoming Seattle and Portland in return.

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But with a higher influx of people and a larger population, the real enemy is the importation of the dreaded “democrats.” That’s a really long story, but I can cover a few basics here. This is by far the biggest crux of the problem. Montana was never meant to be a Marxist, Socialist, Communist environment. The local natives, for the most part, are fiercely independent and don’t want any government intervention at all. They work with their hands, and their families, (and diligently) and are content to live a quiet, non-invasive life. They don’t want crime or sexual deviancy -which is now running rampant in Montana due to “inclusiveness and diversity”- which is really just the next step to pedophilia. 

Life in Montana is rugged.

We are by far-and intend to keep it that way-the most heavily armed state in the UNION with something to the number of an average of 28.7 guns per person. One almost has to kill themselves just to pick huckleberries via hanging off cliffs and fighting off Grizzlies. The winters can be brutal, there are wild critters invading neighborhoods; the fires are horrendous.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Gun_Christmas.jpg
Merry Christmas-Montana Style

But to reiterate, it’s the liberal left that must be stopped. They are the termites. The left will stop at nothing to (like termites) eat us up and destroy what is left of our once-great state, but we cannot let them. We must drive them out like the vermin they are.

Most Montanans aren’t about to give in to “soy lattes,” not without a fight.

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It takes grit to live in Montana.

Real Montanans are diehards who slaughter cattle and buck hay bales and work on trucks in minus -30 degree weather. We won’t go down easily.

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