PUBLIC ZOOM with Persecuted Missionaries!! Madison County District Court (tomorrow 9:40 am)


Follow the instruction concerning the public Zoom meeting tomorrow taking place at Madison County District Court! (see link below) You will NOT want to miss this Court hearing!

WHERE: Madison County District Court, (Judge Luke Berger presiding).

WHEN: Court commences at 9am mountain time. 1/23/23

Jesse, Bethany, Carter, Eric will need to be available to join Zoom when prompted.
The hearing for (you all) (the missionaries) is scheduled to start at 9:40am.

Other court proceedings are scheduled first.

For technical issues call court clerks,
Carmen or Jennifer

Click here to reach the main website.

Zoom link info: CLICK HERE to join Zoom Publicly

For any help or other questions feel free to call John Lamb

Montana 1st News will continue to report on this case until finalized.

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