False “Holy Laughter Apostolic Leader” James Goll Shows Up (Asbury Beware)


How do I know that James Goll is the “Holy Laughter Apostle”? Because I was in attendance and watched Goll ‘attempt’ to preach many years ago-that is how.

Approximately 10 years ago James Goll came and ‘preached’ as a guest speaker at the Hungry Horse Chapel in Hungry Horse, Montana. A friend invited me to attend and as I had heard he was “interesting to listen to” I took up her invitation and rode along.

When Goll first reached the pulpit he gave a little background on himself then proceeded to open his Bible and share the Word.

But not for long.

After just a few minutes of reading the Bible, he stopped. The next thing we knew he began to laugh. At first, we thought (at least I thought) it might last a minute or two (as laughter is apt to do) but this was not the case. “This laughter” seemed to come out of nowhere and nothing he said was even funny to have even initiated it. After more time he began to guffaw very loudly and then cease. But as quickly as he would stop he would then start up again. It actually KEPT HIM FROM PREACHING THE WORD OF GOD. After about 15 minutes or so of this, I began to feel quite uncomfortable.

On and on it went. After about 20 minutes or so the congregation realized this wasn’t about to end anytime soon so they began to join in the laughter as well and some were more comfortable at it than others. Even the women who I came with started to laugh albeit gingerly. I however did not laugh at all. After about 40 minutes of this spectacle and to my recollection, Goll began to make his way down the center to touch people as he wanted them to “catch” this most contagious laughter and to of course come up to the front as well.

This circus act went on for over an hour. By this time I could not WAIT to leave ‘Hungry Horse Chapel.’ Finally, Goll ceased his foolishness and then proceeded to the back where he had hoards of materials for sale including CDs and books. The crowd could not wait to line up to learn more from this modern-day ‘Apostle’ but after a short time spent eyeballing his materials I cruised out to the parking lot as I could not wait to get home. My driver and I left after perusing the shyster’s goods.

In conclusion, Goll preached very little of God’s Word. His laughter was anything but holy-it was evil. It kept Goll from reading or publicly preaching the Word of God. Some people raved later about this being a “Movement of God” etc. but it was really the laughter that was a deterrent away from God. There is an enemy who will do anything to keep folks from reading the Bible and he sure did it that night with this false prophet.

Fast forward a decade later to James Goll’s perception concerning the ‘Asbury Revival’.

Do not follow this man in any way shape or form and do not heed what he says. Goll never “Proclaimed the Gospel” that night I saw him so he wouldn’t know what that meant if it hit him in the face.

Read the following article by clicking here and here to learn more about “Apostolic NAR Leader” (false prophet Goll) and his false teachings.

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