Exposed: Madison County Deputies “Don’t Know the Constitution and Don’t Care” (videos within)


What you are about to witness within the following videos (at the end of this article) is utterly disgusting and appalling.

Two Deputies (Sergeant Alec Winn and Deputy Sheriff Tyler Mursch) seem to know minimal to nothing about the Constitution (the very document they both took an oath to) and you will see where Winn could care even less about sharing it with the public. (Because Winn did not KNOW the first five Articles of the 1st Amendment he blew the interviewer off completely stating, “I don’t have to answer that.”

The apathy they display is awful.

But there’s more.

You will ‘meet’ Sergeant Alec Winn of the Madison County Sheriffs Department. This is the same “Chief Investigative Officer” who aided and abetted the hate crime imposed upon the missionaries in Madison County on November 12, 2022. (You will view the video of Winn and the ‘rogue’ officers at the end of this article where Winn’s actions are exposed).

Thank God for whoever found an opportunity to publicly audit these officers concerning the Constitution in a public setting.

Deputy Sheriff Mursch (who is seen in the beginning) simply just doesn’t seem to remember much of the greatest document on earth. He also thinks one needs to be a “Constitutional Lawyer” to understand the very basics of the Constitution. (“I’m not a Constitutional Lawyer” he states).

This is the same Deputy Sheriff (Mursch) who drug persecuted missionary Jesse Boyd out of the police station in Virginia City and placed him in the back of a truck for the 90-minute ride to the Bozeman jail. He slammed Boyd into the seat and then cinched the seat belt down very tightly with a literal demon smirk on his face. Boyd could barely breathe and had to ask the female officer, (Leah Cox, Winn’s common law wife, who transported Jesse Boyd and Carter Phillips alone) to come loosen it for Boyd after the missionary exclaimed that he “couldn’t breathe.” Boyd revealed, “I’ve seen many evil grins in my life and I’ll never forget the one on Tyler Mursch’s face that horrific day.”

You can listen and view the Deputies being interviewed concerning the Constitution by clicking here. (Many thanks and kudos to the gentlemen who tried to hold these deputies accountable to their oath to the Constitution).

You can see and hear (below) Sergeant Alec Winn as he aided and abetted a hate crime (in Madison County, Mt)-Winn is in the middle with the hat and sunglasses on top. CAUTION FOUL LANGUAGE

Montana 1st News will continue to post articles concerning the persecuted missionaries who traveled innocently through Madison County while exercising their 1st Amendment rights. (These missionaries know the Constitution unlike the two officers in the story).

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