WHISTLEBLOWER! Kalispell’s SD5 Superintendent Micah Hill Exposed!


It is looking like a high possibility that Missoula County Public Schools may hire Micah Hill (Superintendent of Kalispell SD5) for the position of school superintendent in Missoula.

Law abiding and Constitutionally minded citizens in Flathead County will be raising a hallelujah if that transpires. Hill has been a thorn in the sides of freedom-minded citizens in Flathead County for several years now.

But it extends far beyond that.

Flathead County citizens are outraged by the numerous accounts of Hill’s bad and neglectful behavior. (Please read the information below which was recently submitted to Montana 1st News by highly concerned residents).

“Micah Hill was Vice Principal in 2011 when an athlete was sodomized on the football bus. Three years ago a wrestler was assaulted; the mother reported it to then “Principal Micah Hill” who swept it under the rug.

During the current situation (involving wrestlers) Micah Hill blocked e-mail communication through School District 5 to the board of trustees only allowing subject lines to get through. He has tried to minimize the assaults in every way possible. He won’t let any SD5 employee talk and no employee has yet to be held accountable for negligence and retaliation actions by SD5 representatives.

He has a history of minimizing assaults.

In 2012 the athlete that got assaulted had to switch to Flathead High School. The kid that did the assaulting graduated and received a football scholarship to college.”

1. Furthermore, (according to other Flathead County parents) Hill altered exactly when certain emails went out so as to manipulate the results to his wishes and “not what was legal.”

2. Additionally, Hill bribed high school football players, stating, “If you get the vaccine we won’t quarantine you.”

3. Also, Hill didn’t even have the decency to call Elsie Arntzen (Superintendent of Public Instruction of Montana) with his ‘complaints’ before he signed the rude letter (along with other school superintendents who trashed Arntzen).

4. Also this is the SAME Micah Hill who enforced the Covid nightmare to the hilt quarantining even well children (violating the Montana State Constitution ) and threatening to suspend those not wearing masks and to call the police.

And the list goes on and on and on.

Finally, concerning his interview for an upcoming superintendent position in Missoula you can read and view video footage (click here) where Hill states, “Our job is to take care of people; it’s to love people.”- Skylar Rispens (Missoulian)

You be the judge.


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