Scotland’s New ‘Central Bank Currency’ (“It’s Absurd to Sell out Your Sovereignty for Independence”)


Temora Yuille lives in Scotland and is here to expose Scotland’s new Central Bank Currency (CBDC). The Gaelic term for Scotland is “The Alba.” Folks, it’s a high possibility that Scotland has “sold out” (as Yuille shares in her video) “because somebody has promised them independence.” Yuille explains that Scotland has wanted its independence from (England) United Kingdom-for quite some time and she continued by stating that “It’s absurd and awful that you would sell out your sovereignty for independence.” This separation would usher in this new currency.

“Alba” is the term for the newly adopted (or what will presumably be adopted) Central Bank Digital Currency of Scotland.

Apparently, this new currency will “replace the pound” it will also be given out freely to business people, actors, and those in authority in order to get it into “circulation” and will also become UBI (Universal Basic Income) because hey who doesn’t love free money? However, this sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.

And perhaps worse of all is this CBDC will be so “transparent” that they will be able to view exactly where the public is using their money, buying and selling etc. (Big brother is watching). Please click here to view and listen as Yuille shares this horrifying yet fascinating fiasco.

Yuille went on to share her recent experience after she put up her video about Scotland’s new CBDC (Alba). Read her bizarre encounter below.

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Contributed by Temora Yuille

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