Helena’s Bad Bills: 68th Session-Why is it So Hard This Time?


The best conclusion I can come up with is that it’s a spiritual battle and after all the victories in the 2021 67th Legislative Session the enemy of our souls is RAGING MAD.

Let’s take an account of the situation at hand. (And yes we’ve seen victories this ‘Session’ but we’ve also see chaos). What’s frightening is that so many ‘conservative Republicans’ seem to be the ones voting poorly on these bills.

If feels and simply is so much worse this time.

(Below are many concerned thoughts from some of Montana’s most conscientious citizens).

Meaning the ability to pass good bills is so much harder. What is it going to take to just KILL Senate Bill 370? This bill is BAD so kill it already-don’t ‘amend’ it but bury it.

SB370 from our Freedom Caucus – Vote NO!!! Call your Legislators!!!

Primary Sponsor: Steve Fitzpatrick (R) SD 10

Bankers and Lawyers were the fans of this bill, we need to kill it-

This bill would introduce Centralized Banking Digital Currency (CBDC) that leads to social credit scoring systems like China uses (Page 5, Line 14 redefines currency)

FORGET AMENDING IT KILL IT! (Amending it is like “putting lipstick on a pig”)

And what on earth happened to Senate Bill 450?

“The worst day in Montana Medical Freedom History was today when they slayed the bill dead by one horrible vote by one person.”

‘Then there’s ‘YES Votes’ on HB 710 putting needles in the hands of interns without any oversight to harm children a pharma bill we halted more than 10 years straight!”

Furthermore the “Personhood Amendment” HAD a sponsor (bless his soul), but then Matt Regier crushed it. We still have a Republican majority in Helena and this would’ve been the year to go through.”

On a haunting note after months of work via Helena legislators and Montana citizens the “Grand Jury Bill” was tabled!

SB 397: “Generally revise laws related to privacy and facial recognition technology” (Seems to be passing right along as we lose our privacy and no one seems to ‘get it.’

The LGBTQ are at the Capitol protesting bills as fast as they can and every time a pro-life bill is passed Planned Parenthood is trying to file a lawsuit even before the Governor kills it! (If he will in fact ‘kill it’).

Is all this to say that there aren’t many good things happening at the Capitol in this the 68th session? No, there are many great things happening as well ( but that’s another article).

There is an incredibly hopeful “beacon of truth” (meaning the Montana Freedom Caucus) which is comprised of very Constitutionally and conservative minded legislators and for that we are extremely grateful. But it’s a war and they are being targeted constantly.

What is the answer to all the deception occurring and even ‘bad votes’ by our ‘conservative’ legislators?

1.Pray-Many of these folks just are flat out deceived and simply do not ‘see it.’ And pray for clarity of understanding. Many of these bills are in depth, complex, and extremely burdensome. Some of them are just ridiculously hard to understand.

2. Fast- This is something very powerful which many Christians disregard or don’t even think about. Fasting is very important and many of these things can be ironed out if we will just ‘fast and pray.’

3. Pray without ceasing. Be in prayer always. Pray with friends and family for our leaders in Helena, pray for clarity of mind and understanding and strength as they read and go through these bills.

4. ALL of you need to constantly and consistently be calling your representative and calling the Capitol and letting your voice be heard.

As someone recently stated, “We are just two voting cycles away from becoming Colorado.”

Let’s NOT let that happen Montana.

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