TX and MT: Trans/Protest Similarities Arise at State Capitols (Gallery Cleared and Police Arrests)


It seems to be a nationwide phenomenon meaning LGBTQ/Trans protests at State Capitols. The Texas State Capitol is experiencing similar protests, including interruptions, Gallery clearing, chanting, plus police arrests such as what took place at the Montana Capitol in Helena recently.

Protesters evicted from Texas Capitol as clash between LGBTQ residents and GOP leaders escalates

“Texas state police detained and handcuffed people protesting legislation that would prohibit transgender kids from getting puberty blockers and hormone therapy. The House separately delayed a vote on Senate Bill 14 until later this week.”

Montana and now Texas seem to be experiencing the same chaos just days apart at the state capitols.

“LGBTQ Texans defending transgender kids’ access to transition-related medical treatments that experts consider lifesaving clashed with a state Republican party that opposes all efforts to validate trans identities Tuesday, as state police forcefully booted from the Capitol people protesting a bill that would ban such care.

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It was the most dramatic day yet during a legislative session in which Republicans are pushing a slate of bills that could drastically upend how queer people live. It began with LGBTQ Texans, their families and advocates singing outside the House chamber. Hours later, it ended in altercations with law enforcement and scores of protesters being forced from the building after some chanted during legislative proceedings.

Speaker Dade Phelan initially warned that he’d have the House gallery cleared if disruptions persisted — and quickly followed through. State police eventually handcuffed two people.

“Rules matter in the TX House,” Phelan said in a tweet Tuesday evening. “Today’s outbursts in the gallery were a breach of decorum & continued after I warned that such behaviors would not be tolerated. There will always be differing perspectives, but in our chamber, we will debate those differences w/ respect.”

You can read the rest of the story by clicking here. BY ALEX NGUYEN AND SNEHA DEY (The Texas Tribune)

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