Persecuted Missionaries ‘Present’ Madison County, MT Itinerary (“Y’all Come”)


Yes, folks the persecuted missionaries who walked through Madison County, MT, and were assaulted and arrested last November 12th, 2022 are now returning to Madison County to continue their ‘Long Walk.’

Volunteers behind the scenes have been busy getting events mapped out so take a look below.

The Restart of The Long Walk itinerary will be something like this. Sudden changes may occur.

  1. Friday evening 5/12. There will be a gathering for the early arrivals at the Ennis Community Park. It’s on the South end of Ennis where HWY 287 crosses the river.
  2. Saturday 5/13 Starting at about 8:00 in the morning swing by Ennis Community Park and receive information on where to meet up and what the approximate time line of the event will be. Generally speaking we will rendezvous 4 miles South of Cameron Mt and journey to Ennis. (Watch for signs)
  3. After arriving in Ennis there will be a spaghetti feed on the North side of town just off HWY 289. Watch for the signs. There will be a gathering before the serving of the meal. By this time of the day we will be playing the timeline by ear, but will be serving supper no later than 5:00 and probably earlier. Before, during, and after supper there will be Worship music, testimony and prayer.
  4. Prayer Requests will be honored.
  5. Sunday 5/13 there will be an early start for the Long Walk to Virginia City. Once again please meet up at Ennis Community Park. Time will be announced at the supper. The Virginia City leg will end at the lower end of town.
  6. Sunday you’re on your own for food. We’ll have bottles of water for drinking.

Invite all your God-fearing, Liberty-minded friends to this event!

Montana 1st News will be reporting on the event so check back in!

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