South Kalispell: Osprey Nest Explodes, Power Outages, Transformers Blow (FEC MUST Remove Nests!)


It is dangerous to not remove Osprey nests from the top of electric poles. Read and watch below as transformers blow, power lines buckle and the Osprey nest bursts into flames causing many to lose power in South Kalispell on May 6th.

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Watch here as an Osprey nest got entangled with power lines and blew off the top of a pole.

South Kalispell Fire Department reported the following.

How is this “good”? It doesn’t seem good at all when transformers are blown, residents’ power blows and birds are endangered. Furthermore, there is debris and twine etc. entangled from the nest which most likely caused this fire. Osprey nests should be removed by Flathead Electric Co-op immediately not ‘left up for years.’

One resident had this to say.

“If Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc. would’ve cleaned the nest up, this wouldn’t have been an issue. The nest has been a mess for years. Now, there’s outages and repairs…not to mention the birds were likely injured/killed.”

This event caused power outages in Lower Valley in South Kalispell last night.

Call Flathead Electric Co-op urging them to remove all Osprey nests in the county and immediately!

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