Breaking! (Madison County) Court Declines “State’s Request” to Issue Warrant to Arrest Missionaries! (They’re Back)


The Persecuted Missionaries who walked through Madison County, MT last fall and were assaulted and arrested on November 12th, 2022 are now BACK in Madison County (and this time with a large group of supporters with them) to continue the walk they set out to do until they were thwarted that cold November day.

Below is a picture of lead missionary Jesse Boyd with the exact same replica (cross) in hand as he enters the State of Montana today Thursday May, 11. (The first cross the missionaries were carrying was confiscated as ‘evidence’ so a devout brother in Christ made a precise copy of that cross and which Boyd and the other missionaries will resume carrying on their “walk”.

The Honorable Judge Luke Berger (of Madison County) has “declined the State’s request” to issue a warrant for the missionaries’ arrest if they were to enter Madison County.

Pay special attention as you will notice that Judge Berger refers to Brad Terrell and others as ”alleged victims.”

The only actual restriction is that the Defendants stay 1500 feet away from the alleged victim “their residence, and place of work, or other known locations.”

Below is the content of the order issued by Judge Berger.

“The State of Montana has filed a request for Arrest Warrants for the
above-named Defendants and attached documents noting their intention to
violate bond conditions. The attached documents indicate the Defendants
intend to resume their mission work from the spot in which they were
previously arrested.

The Court has reviewed the bond conditions and documents attached to
the pleadings. The bond conditions set in District Court ordered the
Defendants to “stay away from the victims1” property. A No Contact Order
issued by the Justice of the Peace on November 15, 2022 requires them to
stay 1500 feet from the alleged victim “their residence, and place of work, or
other known locations.”

While the Court appreciates the sentiment apparently set forth by the
Defendants the area in which they were arrested is public property, this is
irrelevant to the Court when it comes to a gathering.

The bond conditions serve many purposes. Not only do they monitor if
the Defendants will comply with Court Orders, but they also ensure the
safety of any alleged victims, the Defendants themselves, and the
general public.

The Court is unfamiliar with the distance between the alleged victim’s
property and the area in which the Defendants were arrested to offer a
position as to whether gathering there would be a potential violation.
Regardless, the Court does have concern given the animosity which has
invaded this case from “supporters” of both sides of this issue as to a
gathering in proximity to the alleged victim’s property.

Additionally, the Court’s previous order to “stay away from the
property” may have been vague as written. As the No Contact Order set
forth a 1500-foot barrier the Court will use this distance as well. Due to the
potential vagueness of the distance expected when Ordered to “stay away”
from the property and as no actual violation has occurred the Court declines
to act on the State’s current request.2

The Defendants are free to continue their missionary work. The
Defendants are free to pass by, in the normal course of transit (in any mode),
property owned by the alleged victim, but the Defendants are not allowed to
congregate/stop, for any period, in any area that is within 1500 feet of
property owned by the alleged victim. The Defendant’s may pass property
owned by the alleged victim in a normal manner, but they may not

You can view the original court document by CLICKING HERE.

Also you can read the “States request for an arrest warrant” by clicking here.

{One final side note-the prayer service for Friday night has been relocated to Norris, MT}

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