Chemtrails Over Kalispell: Look Up!


The following account on ‘chemtrails’ was submitted to Montana 1st News by Bruce Calder of Flathead County.

Look Up!

Chemtrails over Kalispell

Lately, it has become an obsession for me. Even before I leave home every morning, I look out the window to see if I can spot them. Invariably, there they are, either very fresh or already widely spread out and coalescing. Sometimes I’m even “lucky” enough to see them in progress. Whatever you want to call them, there are many names: geoengineering, weather modification, solar radiation management (SRM), stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), and others. To me, they will always be “chemtrails,” if only because the term carries a negative connotation, and with the bonus of expressing my profound disdain for the phenomenon.

What are Chemtrails?

Chemtrails appear in the sky as very linear white trails of what may seem at first glance to be engine exhaust from large jet aircraft flying past overhead. These trails emanate not from the jet’s engines, but from spray nozzles usually mounted across the entire length of both aircraft wings. The cocktail of materials being emitted by these airplanes and sprayed into the upper atmosphere is mostly chemical in nature, hence the term chemtrails. The airplanes themselves are military tanker jets or retrofitted commercial jets flying at relatively high altitudes, mostly within the troposphere (ground level to approximately 56,000 feet). The emission of chemtrails begins as a narrow, concentrated white plume across the open sky that persists and remains stationary. Eventually, these trails spread out into less-concentrated and wider bands of white, cloud-like formations. Sometimes, the spraying is dissected by turning spray nozzles on, then off, and repeating, forming dashed or segmented chemtrail lines across the sky.

Chemtrails are unmistakable when contrasted against any background of blue sky. Upper-level atmospheric winds and gravity cause the trails to gradually become more diffuse, spreading wider and wider, eventually combining with other parallel and intersecting chemtrails, forming crisscrossing and oftentimes amorphous patterns across the sky. In many instances, chemtrail spraying is so thorough that a blue-sky day can be turned completely overcast in a matter of hours. Occasionally an observer may be fortunate enough to see the contrast between the application of chemtrails from a military jet within the same sky view of a commercial jet displaying zero or quickly vanishing emissions.

What’s in Chemtrails?

Here is a list of some of the ingredients believed to be in chemtrails, based on air, soil and precipitation sample collection and subsequent lab analysis:

Aluminum Oxide (toxic)

Arsenic (toxic)

Bacilli and Molds

Barium Salts

Barium Titanates

Cadmium (toxic)


Cesium-137 (radioactive)

Chromium (toxic)

Unidentified Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDBs)

Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells

Enterobacter Cloacae


Ethylene Dibromide

Graphene (toxic)

Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)


Lead (toxic)




Mercury (toxic)

Methyl Aluminum

Mold Spores



Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass (known as CHAFF)


Nitrogen Trifluoride

Polymer fibers


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Pseudomonas Florescens


Serratia Marcscens






Sulfur Dioxide


Titanium Shards

Uranium (toxic and radioactive)

Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins




Zinc Cadmium Sulfide (carcinogen)

Who is spraying these chemtrails?

The U.S. government, using the military and military contractors, is spraying chemtrails across the sky. The aircraft being used are typically U.S. Air Force tanker jets, KC-130s, KC-10s and the like. These jet airplanes are mobilized from regional Air Force bases to perform the task. It has been reported that some commercial planes are also being utilized in these operations. All aircraft applying chemtrails seem to have no visible markings.

Bill Gates is a big proponent of chemtrails and has personally funded notable geoengineering consultants to promote and further its use, for the stated purpose of combatting “climate change.” The United Nations is also promoting the use of chemtrails for the same reason (via its Environment Programme, or UNEP). And it’s not just the U.S. who is doing this, but also many other governments across the world. The author has personally observed chemtrails being sprayed throughout the entire length of the 1,000-mile Baja California peninsula of Mexico.

Why are they spraying chemtrails?

Early chemtrails were ostensibly used with the benevolent intention of “cloud seeding” to enhance regional precipitation. Over time, this process morphed into a priority for controlling weather in theaters of war, as well as using it strategically against adversary nations by inducing conditions of drought, deluge and other weather catastrophes. While the U.S. and other governments have been reluctant to even acknowledge their collective roles in the atmospheric application of chemtrails, U.S. military Operations/Projects named “LAC” (for Large Area Coverage), “Popeye,” “Cloverleaf,” and “Indigo Skyfold” are just a few of the more well-known government-sponsored initiatives involving the deliberate use of chemtrails. “Project Day Lily” is one that involved exposing U.S. troops to chemical and biological mixtures from missiles and sprayers during the Gulf War. This project may or may not have specifically involved chemicals sprayed from the sky, but nevertheless attests to the government’s intentional toxic chemical exposure to its own citizens. The result of that Operation is that an estimated 150,000 servicemen were stricken with chronic illnesses, often referred to under the single name, “Gulf War Syndrome.”

Additionally, the U.S. is a signatory party to the international ENMOD Treaty of 1978 (Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques). This treaty was tacit admission as to the existence of chemtrail weather weaponry over four decades ago. Interestingly, the treaty does not seem to prohibit signatory countries from the use of such weapons within their own borders. In a research paper written in 1996, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” the U.S. Air Force unequivocally states its intention of being in control of weather as a strategic military objective.

Along with such earlier and ongoing purposes, the current stated goal is to utilize chemtrails to mitigate climate change. UNEP, Bill Gates and others make outlandish claims that the chemtrail process will be used to block out the sun and/or reflect the sunlight back away from the earth, thus limiting “global warming.” They attempt to substantiate this by using the analogy of historic major volcano eruptions, the plumes of smoke from which dimmed or blocked the sunlight, resulting in long periods of earth cooling. Although the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) had in 2010 adopted a sweeping moratorium on geoengineering encompassing land, sea, and air, it did not include weather modification or carbon capture and storage. Moreover, the US has the additional cover of being one of only three UN members which never ratified the Biodiversity Convention.

The Carnicom Institute’s groundbreaking 2009 documentary, “Cloud Cover,” concludes that chemtrail operations are being conducted for six main purposes:

1. Modification and Control of Weather and the Environment.

2. Electromagnetic Operations.

3. Military Operations.

4. Biological Operations.

5. Planetary and Geophysical Change.

6. Sophisticated Surveillance Systems.

Evidence suggests that chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere are typically interacted with electronically. This interaction takes place using the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility in Gakona, Alaska, along with numerous other HAARP-like installations around the world. These facilities are believed to use ionospheric heating to steer weather patterns, create droughts, deluges, and abnormal precipitation events (e.g., snowfall in summer), and even to induce earthquakes.

What is the downside to chemtrails?

Chemtrail operations are being conducted without the public’s knowledge or informed consent, and that is a flagrant violation of our human rights. They are being sprayed out in the open sky, every single day, all across the country, all behind a cloak of secrecy. Only in recent years have the U.S. government and others begun to acknowledge geoengineering as something that “could” be done in the future. Yet as this article is intending to demonstrate, chemtrail operations have been in effect for decades. The air over us has been intentionally sprayed with dangerous substances. You and I have had no choice but to breathe this polluted air, and drink or eat whatever food and water these pollutants contaminate. If the general public were aware that this was happening, they would not choose this, but instead would be outraged and demand that it end. This would explain the government’s secrecy concerning chemtrail programs.

At this point we need to point out how the mainstream media’s deceptive climate-change narrative relates to chemtrails. They claim, in essence, that normal human activity is unintentionally creating a threat to the earth’s climate. This narrative is the false premise being used to justify the use of chemtrails (spraying) to combat climate change, when in fact it is the intentional climate change caused by chemtrails and other weather-weapon systems that should concern us more. Remember, government often employs the Hegelian dialectic by creating problems in order to offer you their predetermined solutions, and spraying to combat climate change is a perfect example. Think of the sheer hypocrisy of “saving the planet from carbon dioxide (CO2) and global warming” by combusting and wasting thousands of tons of hydrocarbon jet fuel in the sky every day to conduct chemtrail spraying! You may recall from high-school chemistry that combustion of hydrocarbons yields CO2 plus water plus heat. But, aren’t CO2 and heat the things we are supposed to be mitigating? Their argument is clearly a logical contradiction and makes no sense.

The notion of artificially blocking out the sun also seems preposterous on its face. Even if we could, why would we want to do this? Why would we want to diminish natural sunlight, which is essential to plants for photosynthesis, and essential to animals, humans and the entire web of life? We rely on the sun for heat, energy, disinfection, and vitamin D, which is known for supporting healthy bones, managing calcium levels, reducing inflammation, and supporting the immune system and glucose metabolism. Researchers have also noted a link between exposure to the sun and lower blood pressure levels, with reduced death rates from cardiovascular issues. They suggest that exposure to sunlight triggers the skin to release stores of nitrogen oxides, which cause arteries to dilate, lowering blood pressure. According to other research, increased sun exposure may also protect people from type-1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and several forms of cancer, including colon, breast, and prostate cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Sunlight also supports better sleep and sets people’s circadian rhythms by regulating the levels of serotonin and melatonin.

Here’s another logical contradiction to using chemtrails for blocking out the sun: chemtrail haze traps earth heat above ground level which creates localized warming conditions. This begs the question – what is the real cause of unseasonable warming trends and the sporadic record-breaking high temperatures we’ve been observing? Is it the villainous “greenhouse gases,” or is it the trapping of the earth’s heat by artificial cloud cover? It would seem, in fact, that chemtrails are achieving the exact opposite of what the stated intention of them is. And never mind the fact that plants need and thrive on CO2, which they metabolize into oxygen.

Clearly, we are not being told the truth.

How about the fact that chemtrails contain many toxic ingredients? In traditional cloud-seeding applications, the compound silver iodide is the main ingredient that has always been sprayed to create nucleation. Although it is said to have negligible toxic effect on humans, the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for silver iodide states, “Very toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.” The acute toxicities of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury are well established. Aluminum, a prime constituent in chemtrails, is a known neurotoxin, and is a highly suspected causative agent in tinnitus and Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that was virtually unknown until the mid-twentieth century. Aluminum has been showing up in countless rain tests around the world. Snow tests from Mt. Shasta in northern California indicated aluminum content as high as 61,000 parts per billion (ppb). For comparison, California’s maximum acceptable limit for aluminum in drinking water is 1,000 ppb, making those snow results 61 times the acceptable limit. Given that this aluminum is found in the snow, it can only come from the air, and yet the concentration of aluminum in the air should be zero. However, aluminum is the primary element named in numerous geoengineering patents, the same patents that describe dispersing this aluminum from jets for the expressed purpose of blocking the sunlight.

And what is the explanation for “Morgellons,” human blood, polymers, surfactants, CDBs and other miscellaneous ingredients within the chemtrails? In what conceivable way can any of these bizarre chemtrail constituents benefit humankind or the planet? There are many reports of significant increases in respiratory and other physiological illnesses and hospitalizations following prolonged chemtrail spraying. Both short and long-term adverse health effects have been indicated.

What about the ozone layer, that fragile, three-millimeter thick covering that protects us from harmful ultraviolet sun rays? There is now a massive Northern Hemisphere ozone hole, in addition to the Southern Hemisphere hole that has been around for decades. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is in all likelihood the primary cause of global ozone depletion.

Over the past half-century, North American bird populations have undergone a quiet crisis, with scientists estimating that the continent has lost 29% of its total avian population. That’s a loss of nearly 3 billion birds in 50 years. Similarly, entomologists continue to fret over the enormous bee die-off that has been happening worldwide. Beekeepers across the United States alone lost 45.5% of their managed honey bee colonies from April 2020 to April 2021, and much speculation has centered around elevated aluminum levels in bees, raising the question of whether aluminum-induced cognitive dysfunction is playing a role in the decline. Could these declines be attributable to the constituents in chemtrails, of which aluminum is a predominant constituent?

What about natural, God-given aesthetics?

Would you prefer a naturally blue sky with real clouds, or do you prefer a hazy sky with artificial linear patterns and chaotic conglomerations of crisscrossing chemtrails? I certainly don’t support my tax dollars being wasted on this completely malevolent enterprise. Do you? I also prefer breathing clean, unadulterated, natural air. Don’t you?

Surely they aren’t spraying that stuff in our skies here!

The atmosphere above the Flathead Valley is under daily targeting by chemtrails. When I lived in the Tobacco Valley, approximately 60 miles to the northwest, it was the same. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a totally clear day in northwest Montana without them. On days that might otherwise seem clear of clouds, there’s invariably a haze in the atmosphere, particularly noticeable at the sky’s perimeter along the horizon. Even when it is overcast, chemtrails are often being sprayed above the clouds or pre-existing chemtrail canopy. We have gone from “Big Sky” to “Chem sky” in a relatively short period of time.

With forest fire season approaching, it’s notable that observers in California have witnessed the increased application of chemtrails over regions with heavy smoke from active forest fires. Speculation is that this is done to increase the fires’ intensity and destruction.

Where can someone find more information about chemtrails?

There is a vast amount of information online about chemtrails, including numerous videos. A simple search, however, will quickly yield many links whose primary focus is to deny that chemtrails even exist. Due to the heavy censorship of truth on YouTube and other “mainstream” video sites, these alternative sites seem to provide the most reliable videos on the subject matter: Bitchute, Odysee, and Rumble.

Perhaps best known among those with expertise on the true nature of chemtrails is Dan Wigington of northern California. He’s become a modern-day Paul Revere, ringing the bell in an attempt to get others to wake up to the looming threat. Wigington has a very informative website, does a weekly national radio broadcast, and two years ago produced a full-length documentary on the subject (“the Dimming”). His story is personal. His career was once in solar energy, and he even set up his off-grid home to capture and utilize solar energy. However, Wigington quickly noticed that his solar receptors were unable to capture sufficient solar energy, which started him on his long journey to find out what the cause was. It led him directly to chemtrail spraying.

Wigington thoroughly explains how weather modification via chemtrails (he prefers the term “geoengineering”) has been ongoing for over 75 years. In The Dimming, he displays images of patents on the process. He also interviews former U.S. Air Force pilots who debunk the kneejerk response of naysayers who claim what’s being seen in the sky are simply “contrails” (condensation trails), and not chemical trails. Every Geoengineering Watch weekly radio broadcast begins with a prophetic video clip of a speech by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson, enthusiastically pitching the concept of weather control, punctuating his talk with the fervor and wild gesticulation of a madman, saying, “…and he who controls the weather, will control the world!!”

There are a number of websites, which honestly address the chemtrail issue. These sites I found to be particularly informative:;;;;; and (mostly in Spanish, but with some videos subtitled in English). Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute humbly describes himself as a “citizen scientist,” although he has done much of the pioneering work on chemtrail constituents. Carnicom has done an enormous amount of his research behind a microscope, studying samples and conducting experiments on the various constituents he has been able to isolate. He has also published numerous papers on the subject and has several documentaries and interviews that can be found online. Particularly disturbing are his findings from analysis and experimentation he conducted on unique cross-domain bacteria (CDBs), which were first discovered in the 1990s.

Unfortunately, there seem to be only a couple of documented whistleblowers that have openly spoken out on the issue.

One is Kristen Meghan, a former U.S. Air Force industrial hygienist. There are several online videos where she addresses live audiences and tells her story. As a 19-year-old youth without a clear path forward, Meghan felt moved by the attacks of 911 to enlist in the military and serve her country. At some point during her career with the U.S. Air Force, someone she knew asked her about “chemtrails.” As a skeptic, Meghan set about to disprove their existence. However, the more she researched the subject matter, the more she became convinced that chemtrails were a secret reality.

Meghan’s responsibilities included the approval of purchases for a myriad of hazardous materials, including paints, solvents and other products normally needed in aircraft maintenance operations. Upon noticing purchase orders for large quantities of unusual hazardous materials, Meghan refused giving approval unless provided with some form of justification. This resulted in her being questioned, marginalized and then transferred elsewhere. While continuing to research the matter, she found that the base where she was transferred was making the same purchases. When she started raising concerns, Meghan’s new commander called her in for questioning. Unsatisfied with her answers, he made it clear that he could have her submitted for “mental evaluation” for up to 120 days. At that point came the realization she could no longer continue her military career, so she declined to re-enlist and left the U.S. Air Force. Meghan then became an outspoken activist against chemtrails.

Another self-described whistleblower is Dr. Bill Deagle, a family and internal medicine specialist with expertise in toxicology who formerly worked for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the U.S. Air Force. There are a few online videos that feature him, one in which he clearly makes the statement, “Barium chemtrails… are ten thousand times more toxic to your nervous system than lead.” He eventually became a naturopathic doctor and now provides free consultation for treating diseases.

There’s also a second-hand account from an anonymous pilot in the chemtrail program that is the subject of several online videos. This individual revealed that most of the personnel flying these planes are very well-paid pilots (second only to the pilots for Air Force One), who are chosen from the top ranks. They tend to have no family or children, and are “hardened to humanity… the majority of the pilots are like machines. I call them tanker terminators.”

He told of how all chemtrail pilots are kept in the dark about what they are doing, are told that the mission is in the interest of “national security,” that “without these flights, our enemy’s newest technological weapons of war could easily penetrate America’s airspace… We are shown videos in our training of catastrophic destruction to our homeland by very sophisticated weapons, then told that these will be the consequences if we don’t fly.” The chemtrail pilots and ground crews are typically rotated to different parts of the country every 18 months to discourage them from making friends and to avoid “loose lips.” They are also under constant threat of severe disciplinary action if they are ever caught disclosing what they are doing in the chemtrail program.

What can I do about chemtrails?

Start by just looking up at the sky every single day. See if you can spot them. See if you can distinguish between artificial chemtrail clouds and real clouds. Do your own research. ‘Geoengineering Watch’ is a great online resource, to begin with. Once you realize how pervasive the chemtrail phenomenon is in your own region, educate and wake up others. Encourage them to look up, too. Share the information particularly with young people, those who have never in their lives experienced gazing up at an all-day completely blue sky, or a sky with only natural clouds.

Geoengineering Watch has taken to posting informative billboards across the country.

One of these has been installed since 2015 on the west side of Interstate Highway 15 near Jefferson, Montana. A call for more of these billboards to be erected might occur if more individuals become enlightened to the issue.

Ultimately, you may be moved to contact your local, state and/or federal officials to express your feelings about it. Remember that these are government-sponsored, government-run, and (mostly) government-financed programs that are performing the chemtrail spraying.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” [Unknown author but attributed variously to Edmund Burke and John Stuart Mill].


Internet File Photos billboard near Jefferson, MT

Flathead Valley Photos

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