Boulder MT: Town Pump Issues Apology to Persecuted Missionary


Meet Irene. In the two accounts below written by Persecuted Missionary Jesse Boyd (who has returned to MT to share the Gospel with his daughter and partner after being assaulted and arrested last November 12 in Madison County, Mt by rogue sheriffs) met “Irene” who wasn’t happy with the Gospel of Jesus Christ either.

The stories speak for themselves.

“Meet IRENE, the manager of the Town Pump in Boulder, Montana. Judging from some of the online reviews of this place, she is INFAMOUS for her nasty attitude. After yesterday’s long and arduous walk, we stopped in here late to grab a coffee. The clerk was very friendly and asked how we were doing. I replied, “Better than I deserve.” While paying for some items, she inquired as to what I meant, and I proceeded to share about Jesus and offer her a Gospel tract. Irene came storming out of nowhere, snatched the tract out of the lady’s hand, tore it up in my face, and then said she was calling the police on me for talking about Jesus in “my store.” This beast of a Jezebel literally picked up the phone and called 911 as we were leaving. LOL, I told her to repent. I feel very sad for the friendly clerk who just stood there with her head hung in shame. Irene will answer to God for stealing that seed. She was our last encounter yesterday. I guess we were overdue for a nasty one. Only in Montana! “#thelongwalkusa

The above transpired on June 6, then recently Boyd received a phone call from Town Pump Corporation.

“I want to publicly thank Town Pump Corporation of Montana for caring enough about what happened to us at the location in Boulder, MT on the night of June 5th to call me personally and APOLOGIZE, promising to investigate and deal with the matter, assuring me that treating customers this way is not acceptable. Frankly, most companies these days just don’t care and would never have even taken the time to give a callback. Irene at the Boulder location is notorious.

Ran into a guy in a parking lot in Helena yesterday who lives in Boulder. He knows this woman and just shook his head. He said, “Maybe I’ll just go in there tonight myself and start talking about the Bible.” Let’s hope Town Pump does the right thing and terminates this woman who said our Christian faith wasn’t welcome in “my store.” Of course, was it even her speaking to us that night? Look closely at the picture I snapped and decide for yourself.”

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