MT Temps Will Reach 90-100 for 10+ Days (Not from Climate Change and No Rain in Sight)


Friends it’s coming and it’s not gonna be pretty.

After Thursday many Montanans will see temperatures in the 90-100 degree range lasting up to 10 days or more with no rain in sight. What does this mean? Well it means a lot of things.

The first horrible thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that nasty four letter “F” word. FIRE. And with no rain in sight that spells imminent disaster.

Having tromped through many forest beds this last week pursuing the famous huckleberry I can assure you the forest debris is horrific meaning dry logs, brush, and sticks which are just prime material for forest fires and which the green environmentalists are determined to not have cleaned up. Yes, it would be a miracle if we don’t experience frightening fires and very soon.

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Northwest MT folks are already being asked to voluntarily not water their yards (or not so much anyway). Volunteer Park in Lakeside is the worst it’s looked in years as it’s not being watered AT ALL. The grass (and there’s a ton of it) is dried up and crunchy and downright scary. One partially lit cigarette butt and the place would look like Death Valley.

Also with such high heat and zero rain we will be forced to not water.

It’s difficult for fruit.

Pears especially ripen prematurely and will start to drop up to a month before they should. Pear trees do hold moisture from the winter snow/spring rain deep down in their root systems but severe heat will cause them to drop sooner and be a bit smaller than usual. Plums and prunes drop faster too. Apples are a bit hardier and will stay on the tree longer but will still start dropping a couple of weeks ahead of normal.

When the fires start (and they will) it’s hard on everybody and especially those stricken with allergies, asthma, and other lung ailments. The elderly, infants, and immune-compromised suffer the most.

Hang on tight be prepared and please watch out for your neighbors, family, and friends.

And as far as all of this Montana heat occurring via “Climate Change” think again. Our carbon emissions are much lower than they used to be and it is a common and natural occurrence throughout history that there are periods of cooling and heating. For more information on that study AIG by clicking here.

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