Portland Governor Aims to Fix City Via “Social Justice/Diverse Voices/Equitable Solutions”


This should be very interesting.

Governor Tina Kotek of Portland, Oregon, plans to “fix” Portland by way of a task force implementing “Social Justice/Diverse Voices/Equitable Solutions.” We shall see how this pans out and our guess is not great.

Oregon’s governor is creating a task force to fix Portland, the city widely regarded as a poster child for progressive policies.

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek announced in a press release on Wednesday that her executive office will partner with the Oregon Business Council to create the Portland Central City Task Force (PCCTF). Kotek admitted that Portland had earned a notorious reputation, though she attributed the current state of the city to “growing pains” and COVID.

“It’s no secret that downtown Portland has faced an onslaught of challenges in recent years that have tarnished some of the characteristics that people love about Oregon’s largest city,” said Kotek. “Growing pains turned into crises, exacerbated by a global pandemic, and now concerns about Portland have become a statewide economic issue.”

Kotek added that social justice values would guide the PCCTF by collaborating with “diverse voices” for “equitable solutions.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

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