CNW Exposes (Madison County) “Sheriff Duncan Hedges Colluded With Assailant” (Brad Terrell)


ChristianNewsWire (The Most Used/Recognized/Respected Religion Newswire) wrote an article today on tyranny covering President Trump, Pastor Jim Cusick of Cocoa Beach, Florida, and Pastor Joe Thomas from Ohio who are all facing charges due to tyrannical measures nationwide.

Of special attention is the section written (towards the end of the article) concerning Jesse Boyd the persecuted missionary who was beaten, assaulted and arrested in Madison County, MT and his fellow missionaries who were with him on November 12, 2022-(See below).

Christian News Wire revealed the following,

Pastor Jesse Boyd of North Carolina
“Their team has traveled with the cross of Jesus Christ over 5,600 miles on foot from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Glacier Park, Montana. II Timothy 4:5—”Make full proof of thy ministry” On March 21, 2021, they put their feet in the Atlantic Ocean and embarked on the Long Walk USA Campaign. Montana is one of the states that is legislatively opposing the reversal of Roe vs. Wade which took place in the Dobb’s case last year in our highest Court.

In Madison County, the team was targeted by a hate crime as Sheriff Duncan Hedges colluded with the assailant, a local man he was friends with, bullied them and put them in fear of physical harm, then attacked Pastor Boyd on the evening of November 12, 2022. Boyd was put in solitary confinement for three days prior to arraignment and the other three missionaries were held in detention centers and child protective custody. They face up to 20 years in prison for felonious charges of “assault with a weapon” brought by the corrupt Sheriff’s Department.

Jesse Boyd led a recent prayer rally at the Montana Supreme Court in Helena to pray for the Office of Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, Assistant Attorney General, Thorin Geist, and Madison County Attorney David Buchler. The missionaries bail bonds total $200,000 for the four defendants and current legal fees are at $40,000., please be generous.

Zechariah 1:9 “These are the ones whom the Lord sent to walk to and fro throughout the earth.”

Bethany and Carter (Boyd’s daughter and son-in-law) have recently celebrated God’s goodness in marriage. They are all being represented by the John Pierce Law Firm. Go to to give to their legal fund.”

You can read about Trump and the other pastors by clicking here. (ChristianNewsWire)

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