Montana County Commissioners Have Authority Over Health Officers (hold them to it)


In the state of MT County Commissioners (much to the chagrin of most health officers) hold the key to your freedom (if they will stand up).

For it is now the CCs who have authority OVER the Health Officers. Here’s how it works.

According to a reliable source-“If health officers advise a ‘lockdown’ the County Commissioners must vote. No administrative edicts can come from the unelected.”

Not so very long ago (about a year and a half or so) an article came out discussing this very matter and in fact the “health officers” weren’t happy (which just about says it all).

“Before the new law, health boards comprising appointees by local governments set public health rules and approved emergency health measures for their regions. The measure limiting health boards’ powers allows them to pass orders in an emergency, though the elected officials can change or revoke those orders.” (In other words County Commissioners have a lot of pull).

And according to the article below plenty of “health officers” were nervous and ‘put out’.

You can read that full article but clicking here.

You can call the Flathead County Commissioners below and firmly but respectfully demand they do not allow any lockdowns or masking.

Ask for Pam Holmquist, Randy Brodehl, or Brad Abell by calling this number-+1 (406) 758-5503

To email them click here.

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