Montana: Citizen’s Initiative For Grand Jury is Legally Sufficient


The following was recently submitted to Montana 1st News for publication. Will you help in your House District? It is anticipated that gathering signatures with begin very soon.

“We just received confirmation from the Montana Attorney Generals Office that our Citizen’s Initiative for Grand Jury IS LEGALLY SUFFICIENT. We anticipate being able to start gathering signatures very soon. Will YOU help in your house district?

Grand Jury is the Sword and Shield for ‘We The People’.

Montana & Cascade County Residents have a legal and peaceful weapon to attack pockets of civic corruption in any form. Are you aware of any crimes in our county or suspect crime-rings that are abusing our local, state or federal governments and nothing is being done about it? Ya know, “the two-tiered justice system”, or the “good-ol boys network”, or other.

What can ‘We The People’ do if that happens? The short answer is we use the power of our state/county Grand Jury! Organized criminals will not reveal their weak-spot, but the chink in their armor is OUR government of the People, by and for the People! Nothing can defeat a criminal machine as well as a Grand Jury that knows its strength!

Every citizen has the Fundamental Constitutional Right to a Grand Jury. It is that simple. Our fifth amendment of the US Constitution requires Grand Jury to investigate criminals and enforce our laws. It is bedrock Constitutional and Law Enforcement. It can be used just to inquire into the condition of our government.

Grand Jury is both a shield and weapon for ‘We The People’. It is an institution at the heart of our freedom in America that survived centuries of English history and was adopted in our federal and all the state Constitutions. In Grand Juries, We The People never knowingly accuse the innocent nor conceal the guilty. All Montana counties already have access to Grand Juries according to the code of Montana. But, only if a single district court judge authorizes it.

Our judiciary is NOT supposed to control whether or not a Grand Jury is impaneled.

A Citizen’s Constitution Initiative is being brought to make it easier for ‘We The People’ to get a Grand Jury impaneled in any county. It will allow any citizen(s) to gather electors signatures in any county that will then force a judge to impanel a Grand Jury. We need your help getting this initiative on the November 2024 general election ballot.

Grand Juries can validate any aspect of government. They can subpoena and summon witnesses and evidence and investigate crime without getting permission from some government official. In U.S. v. Williams, 1992, Antonin Scalia wrote, “Grand Jury is an institution separate from the courts, over who’s functioning the courts do not preside.” They can send any criminals to trial, or on the bright side a Grand Jury can report no crimes are found.

The weapon is there, ready-made, and it is a deadly one. All we have to do is use it.”

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