VOTE NO! On Kalispell District 5 School Levies (Includes Toxic Facial Recognition and Jail-Like Security)


VOTE NO! Besides procuring outrageous property taxes for up to 10 years these toxic levies do much much more. Read below to learn the truth-as numerous Flathead residents have had enough of this levy nonsense. Below is one residents repsonse to the crazy levies.

“VOTE NO on Kalispell District 5 Three School Levies – these will raise your property taxes for 10 years.

As much as we love children and education, these requested funds are being used to turn local schools into jail-like institutions. This is Montana where 18 guns per household keeps crime minimal (even when it’s suddenly on the rise with growth it’s no where near urban city panic levels). This isn’t Chicago and the news fear panic about sketchy schools is not the same as in New York City.

It’s easy to lock the school front door and install volunteer parents on playgrounds and in entry ways but this “security push” encourages locking parents out further and putting toxic WiFi and facial recognition all around your child’s developing brain.

In addition, modernizing classrooms means even more screen time on your child’s face instead of in person teaching. Virtual “Google school” is not good for any child and child screen time has proven to be the smoking of our time – brain scans prove that staring at screens all day shrinks a child’s brain to a totally different shape.

Vote NO on increasing taxes for 10 years to increase technology on children and security lock downs of school classrooms.

Children deserve education and books and not jail time with tracking devices on every step.”

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