ATTENTION! Meeting Tonight 6:00pm Bozeman City Hall-Citizens Outraged! (Bozeman “Land and Water Grab”)


Many Gallatin County residents are FUMING and they should be. Read the information below carefully because the City of Bozeman is out for your land and your water. Below is an article submitted by a enraged (and outraged) resident who speaks for many.

If you don’t understand or have not heard, tonight we lose our property and water rights AND we lose Bozeman to an absurd Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan being snuck under the radar by the City of Bozeman.

The vote is tonight at 6:00 pm at the Bozeman City Hall on Lamme and Rouse.

They only released this plan on paper about 10 days ago but they have been working on it for two years. ‘Bozeman Sensitive Lands Project’ and the ‘Belonging in Bozeman Project’.

‘Sensitive Lands’ basically say that if you own land with water, wildlife, and vegetation, that can be seen from any roadway, they will designate your land as SENSITIVE and then control every aspect of it and decide what can and cannot be done with your land. They will also strip your water rights. This will be the City Designated space and a donut of 10 miles out, so basically the whole valley to about Manhattan.

Can you say LAND GRAB?

The ‘Belonging Plan’ is the most racist devicive thing I have ever read. White people and what they own are painted as poison, all preferences will be given to those deemed marginalized. So Native American, Blacks, Homosexuals, Transsexuals, Illegals, and Hispanic will have preference.

The only people NOT Included are STRAIGHT, WHITE, AND CHRISTIAN.


They had a company out of Chicago manipulate this data to the tune of $80,000.00 that YOU paid for.

Y’all better show up at City Chambers tonight and make your voice heard. They do NOT read your emails.

This is the hill Bozeman dies on folks.

This isn’t a fight. This is going to be a war and we are just collateral damage on their way to their SMART CITY big bucks they will line their pockets with.

If you complain about your property taxes or about having your property rights annihilated then you don’t get to gripe if you aren’t willing to go stop it.

I said what I said.”

(Anyone who wants direct links for more information message Montana 1st News.)

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