Montana Mom Enquires, “Mr. Governor are you Sipping Cocktails in the Cabin of the Titanic?”


A Montana mother is very concerned (and she should be) which is why she wrote this letter (Opinion-Editorial) to the Governor of Montana-Greg Gianforte. Montana is sinking and fast. Please reach out to Governor Gianforte as we hope he is as deeply concerned with the issues in the letter below as we are.

Hi Dear Governor,

“I’ve been watching your page for a few years now, and I wish I knew you personally because you and Mrs. Gianforte seem like outstanding wonderful people. Your pictures are beautiful and describe the ideal Montana lifestyle.

I don’t mean any disrespect, but I’m concerned that you might be unaware of the impending threats that are facing our state from globalists who intend to enslave humanity and are making covert moves, even in Montana right this minute. The members of the World Economic Forum have been openly discussing many aspects of their plans. One of the biggest threats to us right now is their effort to force landowners off of their land by sending Blackrock agents to buy up land and drive up prices. In this way, they can force locals to become renters and they will be the landlords. As Klaus Schwab has famously stated, “You will own nothing, and be happy.”

I think it’s wonderful for a person who has reached your stage of accomplishment in life to enjoy life to the fullest and fill it with wholesome recreation. But since, in this case, you volunteered to serve us as our Governor, and we elected you at this time, when we face the greatest threats to our lives and well-being that Montana has ever known- Mr. Governor, I’m asking as respectfully as possible- Are you asleep at the wheel? Are you floating the river while globalists are floating their Agenda 21 into all of our public institutions? Are you pulling for us, or are you sipping cocktails in the cabin of the Titanic, unaware of the icebergs we’re approaching? I hope I’m dead wrong. If you need a place to start, Glenn Beck’s book The Great Reset is a good one.

I’m praying God will be with you and protect you in the days ahead. Best wishes.”

Signed: Concerned Flathead County mother

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