Mary Todd Runs for U.S. Congress- (Claiming Zinke’s Accusations as “False/Defamatory”) The Feud Begins


What transpired on February 10th at the GOP ‘kickoff’ in Helena is nothing short of ludicrous, outrageous, completely nuts (and unsurprising) concerning Congressman Ryan Zinke. Apparently, he lied according to U.S. Congressional candidate Mary Todd; (we’re not surprised, and its very probable as he has multiple times). Todd is furious concerning the following lying accusations. (Take a look below from Zinke’s “X” page). Or did he? Is half of this the truth? We DO know Zinke will chew you up and spit you out (so nothing he does is surprising).

Todd stated the following in defense of her husband ‘Rick Todd’- Here’s what the candidate had to say-

“Ryan Zinke’s accusations on February 12, 2024, are categorically false and defamatory. After the Congressional Primary of 2022, my husband Rick and I did donate two $1000 checks to Ryan Zinke’s campaign. We also hosted a fundraiser in our home, in his honor. What the Zinke campaign is calling “campaign material” is one of those checks that they enlarged and publicly displayed at the GOP Winter Kick-Off in Helena. My husband was understandably upset, however, Zinke has resorted to slanderous lies.”

(The Todd’s did indeed give two $1000 checks to Zinke’s campaign but they also gave more than that). See below.

Who really knows what portions of the above ‘statement’ are true and what is fabricated but there are many things we DO know for sure.

Mary Todd trashed Ryan Zinke before she turned around and fully endorsed him once she lost the primary in 2022.

Yes, she ended up endorsing him, after coming against him so harshly. And on top of that the Todd’s then donated to Zinke multiple times once he won the primary. This just isn’t good logic.

She came down extremely hard on his gun policies, where he stood on abortion and more with a vengeance. (Please keep in mind we didn’t disagree with her on these matters). However, how could she then AFTER she lost the primary come out and fully endorse him as she did? Todd performed a complete about-face move as she stood up for the “Republican Candidate” after the primary. She was interviewed with Zinke on Radio Talk shows following his primary ‘win’ and claiming how great he was. Todd literally walked right into Zinke’s trap (he’s a fox and she’s the hen and now he’s turning on her and she’s surprised)? This kind of naivety will get her nowhere should she make it to the D.C. Swamp. They will chew her up and spit her out.

Others have shared their thoughts about Todd with Montana 1st News,

“Will she ever learn? Why would anyone jump into a race this large without preparation and a plan? It is as if she learned nothing from her first campaign.” This statement is in reference to the fact that at the time Todd filed with the Secretary of State on February 10th to run for U.S. Congressional Representative her website had not been updated, there wasn’t even a ‘donate’ button to be seen.

We KNOW Zinke is out of control as he praised Nancy Pelosi publicly in Kalispell at a meeting saying how “brilliant she is and what huge respect he has for her”; Zinke simply is not stable or meant for office of any kind. He wouldn’t even verbally compete against the other U.S. Congressional candidates in 2022 (he was scared to and figured he had it in the bag with his other D.C. “connections”; he only really begged Montanan’s for “$5 dollars each” once he won the primary) and sent in folks to spy on them? This man will turn on you on a dime.

(Todd, until she ran last time for Congress) has no prior political experience to our knowledge. Todd is aggressive and although passionate about her causes could easily be crushed should she ever make it to the “D.C. Swamp”.

She abhors the evil CCP (don’t we all) and we understand why due to her son’s death and we can empathize with that huge loss however the CCP is like coming against the devil himself. Yes, she’s unashamedly pro-life (which is honorable) but does she really have what it takes to represent MT fully in Congress? We don’t think so. She is so ultra-focused on certain issues but seems to miss the ‘forest for the trees’ and is exceedingly emotionally charged. (Cool and controlled is what is needed when dealing with the D.C. Swamp all the while calling them out albeit not a pushover). Rosendale comes to mind as Montana’s most excellent U.S. Congressional Representative and Lord willing Montana’s next U.S. Senator.

When all is said and done the facts are this: we know Zinke is unstable, and erratic, and will go to all ends to win. He will crush his opponent, cheat, lie, and even try to lure the public in. Todd is emotional, seems inexperienced in the political arena, unprepared to run, and obsessed with the CCP to the point that it seems to overshadow most of her campaign. It appears to be her D.C. agenda.

We need stability. Montana needs candidates who are level-headed, stable, and able to handle all that is thrown at them.

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