Montana is a Combination of Portland, Seattle, and Fort Collins (Are You Awake?)


Take a look around you and especially if you live in Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, Whitefish (even Columbia Falls) Helena, Great Falls, Billings and other bigger cities in Montana. Much of the Eastern part of the state is still somewhat immune to the issue of the ‘woke culture’ (however Miles City is gradually getting purchased by California as it’s ‘horse country’).

Buildings (and VERY TALL buildings) are popping up everywhere. Kalispell is the new Fort Collins, Colorado, and folks who’ve recently moved to Montana from Colorado have been trying to get this through to residents of Kalispell and other towns to no avail; (remember the frog in the slow cooking pot only to become boiled to death because it was too dumb and comfortable to jump out)? That’s where we are folks.

Time to SPEAK UP.

The housing developments going in everywhere and those trying to get permits to put them up are just insane. Portions of Bozeman have become filthy, homeless pits, where folks in campers (so I guess they are pseudo-homeless) are dumping feces and urine down rain gutters, the Warming Center ‘residents’ in Kalispell are pooping in parking lots of a nearby coffee shop (the lack of security is pathetic) and these homeless people were sleeping in the nearby Post Office halls so that was forced to shut down early.

The list of issues goes on and on. Crime on the West Side of Kalispell is rampant and some folks believe the cheaper homes over there will be bought up and bulldozed to create a “new” upcoming wealthy area of Kalispell to replace the older dwellings.

High rises don’t belong in Northwest Montana or other portions of the state for that matter but that is what’s happening.

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Our towns, cities, and communities are becoming homeless wastelands ridden with filth and crime. Montana is turning into this faster than it ever has since its Statehood in the 1800’s.

Whitefish is going to be ridden with electric cars and more liberal thinking than what already permeates the place.

Montana as we know it is gone, it’s toast.

Jump in the fray people. Go to meetings and fight against these new developments; your towns’ are crowding in before your very eyes. Stand up. Protest and practice law-abiding Civil Disobedience before the towns you inhabit become so unfamiliar you think you’re living in Fort Collins, Seattle, or Portland. Stop thinking that “someone else” will do the standing, the protesting, and the writing to Commissioners and City Council Members.

Years ago it was the preachers and the pastors in a community who lead the way and their congregations stood with them against the evil wiles of county and city government and rogue happenings.

Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t coming down to swoop in and save the day. Wake up; this one’s on YOU.

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  1. Colorado Springs has what is called the Blue Line Law. Where buildings cannot be built higher than a specific elevation, plus high rise Apts and buildings cannot be so tall that you cannot see the mountains behind them from a specific number of yards… we NEED this in Missoula!!!


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