Disturbing: Trillions of Bugs (Cicadas) to Erupt in U.S. Following Upcoming Eclipse


No it’s not sci-fi or made up or a farce. Acclaimed scientists from every walk of life are saying the same thing; there is going to be a massive Cicada invasion “Cicada-geddon” in the near future following the upcoming eclipse on April 8th.

Hundreds of TRILLIONS of bugs (Cicada’s) are predicted to emerge following the upcoming eclipse and invade portions of the United States starting in the mid-South (from southern Iowa to the Carolinas) and spread out from there into outlying smaller areas such as Tennessee and Michigan. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Be sure and check out both articles listed below for more information.

Shortly after the upcoming total solar eclipse, another rare sight to behold will occur in the central-eastern Midwest: As many as a hundred trillion periodical cicadas are expected to come out of hibernation in what experts are calling a “cicada-geddon.”

On April 8, the total solar eclipse—when the sun is completely blocked by the moon—will be seen across 13 states, as well as small areas of Tennessee and Michigan. The celestial spectacle is not set to recur over the U.S. for decades, and millions of people will head to ideal viewing spots to see it.

But after that has happened, two cicada populations nesting close together are expected to emerge, creating a combined swarm that will dominate a large portion of the U.S.

Periodical cicada broods develop over a number of years underground before burrowing up and out all at once. They are then active aboveground as adults for a matter of weeks before laying the next generation and dying off.

“It’s like an entire alien species living underneath our feet and then some prime number years they come out to say hello,” Saad Bhamla, a professor of biotechnology at the Georgia Institute of Technology, told TV station WFLD in Chicago. “This year we’re going to get two broods that are going to emerge at the same time.”

Experts believe that Brood XIX—which operates on a 13-year cycle and nests across a swath of the mid-South from southern Iowa to the Carolinas—and Brood XIII, which arises every 17 years and nests between central Illinois and southern Wisconsin, are due to appear at the same time. It is thought that this coincidence has not occurred since 1803.

When they do emerge, based on previous outings, the cicadas will cover fields and houses in their path with shed exoskeletons and produce a noise that rivals a jet engine.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here. (Newsweek) To find out even more concerning these creatures click here. Holly Spanner (BBC Science Focus)

Cicadas are eaten in many places but mainly in Chinese markets and yes they can carry parasites.

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