Professor David Clements (Political Activist) Rigged/Stolen Elections and How to Solve the Problem


What took place in Kalispell on Monday night at the Red Lion Hotel was nothing short of brilliant concerning ‘stolen elections’. The crowd was mesmerized and dumbfounded at what they saw and heard. Especially moving and compelling was Clement’s “Call to Action” after the movie ceased (more of that to come).

Professor and Lawyer David Clements was terminated from New Mexico State University (Assistant Professor) and was stripped of his legal license because he refused to take the Covid injection (which he stated “is all because of the 2020 election”).

Election expert and genius (Professor David Clements) presented his documentary entitled, “Let My People Go” (you can access it by clicking here). Clements gave us background on his life and how he came about doing what he does now-which is traveling nationwide and encouraging and urging his fellow man-(and woman) to become involved in what he called the “most important Civil Rights Issue since 1964”.

(Learn more about our rigged and stolen elections below)

When you study Clements website you will learn first hand…

  1. Democrats On Hacking America’s Computerized Voting System
  2. Corrupt DHS’ Centralized Control Over All Aspects of Election
  3. Demonstration of Thousands of Votes Flipped with USB Thumb Drive
  4. Dominion Voting Modems Are Internet and Remote Access Capable
  5. The Left’s Experts on Hacking America’s Election Modems

(Above are just a few of the topics on Clement’s website which expose voter fraud and rigged/stolen elections)

Clements also spoke of the J6 madness in Washington D.C. and shared several things in that regard.

(Paraphrased) “J6 prisoner Isaac Yoder mentioned how calm the officers inside the White House were the day of that horrific event and how such officers calmly let them into the building and were embarrassed to arrest them. Now these same persecuted prisoners gather every night to sing the “National Anthem” in union. Thousands of families have been affected as a result of the J6 arrests.”

There are so many details concerning actual stolen elections and the process which it involves that it is best to study (diligently) Clement’s documentary “Let My People Go” and his website in full (see above for link).

He did however make several key points in his presentation following the documentary which are important to note. (below is just a taste of Clement’s comments on the issue)

  1. Machines are ‘defective felonies’.
  2. ‘Spirit of Fear’ and “Group Think” take over.
  3. People come under authority (just like in the Holocaust in Germany).
  4. God has been evicted from schools, (even the church) and we are a nation who chooses ‘evil over good’.

Stolen and rigged elections are such a controversial topic (for some) that they won’t begin to touch it including: TPUSA and Charlie Kirk, as well as Kevin McCarthy and Jim Johnson.

What needs to be shared and implemented in every county is Clement’s ‘Call to Action’ which is why the movie exists. (see below)

Clements urged citizens to go to their County Commissioners and County Clerk and Recorders and for townspeople to visit their Commissioner’s chambers often. He understands that it oftentimes is ‘not easy’ to get these Commissioners and County leaders to “come around” because as Clement stated, “They want to protect the very system that helped get them voted in.”

Get involved, stay involved, and demand that your Commissioners take a look at the growing ‘numbers’ concerning fraudulent votes. Do not let up.

Publisher’s Note: Also attending the event were candidates Shaun Pandina running for House District 7 in Kalispell and Tom Millett running for House District 2 in Marion. Both these dedicated candidates are committed to election integrity and the exposure of election fraud. Both are strong candidates who will stand against election interference.

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