“Unprincipled” SHEEHY ‘Greenie Guru’ to ‘Climate Cult’ Advocate-PODCAST WITHIN (Plus DEI/ESG) Part 1


Montana 1st News is doing a series of articles entitled, “Unprincipled” where you will learn more than you ever thought possible about Tim Sheehy, Ryan Zinke, Steve Daines, and even Greg Gianforte. Be sure to check in with M1N to get the most revealing news which aims to get the truth to you, our readers.

In this first article coined “Unprincipled”, much of what you are about to read below was submitted to Montana 1st News by Dick Pence a resident of Billings. (You will see where he mentions Rosendale as he wrote this material a while back). However, so much of this material is still pertinent today that in order to provide background context we wanted to use it to share some serious points about exactly who Tim Sheehy really is. You will be shocked as you read Sheehy’s background concerning his Climate Change, ESG, and DEI stance (prior to running for the primary) and where the mention of such items has been ‘scrubbed’ from his website.

Pence revealed,

“Tim Sheehy, Principled Conservative or Establishment Darling? Connecting the dots on issues you should consider. This Senate primary may feature an establishment, big government, unprincipled candidate vs. one who has proven he will stand for social and physical conservativism. (Pence is referring to Sheehy vs Rosendale in this last statement.)

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Eric Raile, a professor of political science at Montana State University said, “he has not seen many indications that voters would pay much attention to concerns over possible conflicts tied to Sheehy’s federal work.”

Friends let that sink in. The wool is being pulled over our very eyes.

“Jefferson was right and if Raile is right, we are creating our own ruin.

Translation? If voters refuse to do the work to be informed and still vote, they are contributing
to the destruction of America.

Backgrounder Information:

This Montana Senate race primary is critical. First, make no mistake, Tester will not be easy to beat. If Tim Sheehy is elected, he will most likely be in the Senate until most reading this article are pushing up daisies – because few Senator’s term limit themselves. Sheehy is the hand-picked ‘golden boy’ of the State GOP and the Daines-Zinke moderate wing. Sadly, the big player in this race is not Tim Sheehy, it’s Senator Steve Daines, a devoted Establishment Republican who is pushing another ‘Establishment Republican’.

As you will see below, up until he decided to run for office, Tim Sheehy’s Bridger Aerospace company promoted itself to the far left as an ESG (think climate change) driven company. Now, that language has been scrubbed from the webpage. But the Democrats are already using it to destroy him. Republicans and Conservatives, as always, are not paying much attention but, as always, the LEFT is.

IMPORTANT!! Listen to Tim Sheehy’s interview/podcast (March 15th, 2023) by CLICKING HERE-(in the last 2 minutes Sheehy brags about how carbon-friendly and ‘green’ Bridger Aerospace is). Sheehy also equates being ‘green’ to profit etc. This is dangerous thinking. This is a man who would flip on a dime and do so by chasing money and power.

Pence continued,

“But alas, let’s expose the real issue. This is all designed to keep Congressman Matthew Rosendale from entering this senate primary. The real target of the Republican moderates, and their complicit MEDIA, has been Congressman Rosendale who, with 7 others, faced others off about spending and the war. One thing is clear, with all the muddiness that went on in D.C. over the budget and the speakership, we would not have Speaker Johnson without these seven principled men. These 7 got rid of establishment darling, Kevin McCarthy and found a House leader who is going to walk in the light.

At best, Senator Steve Daines is a moderate.

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It’s time Montanans meet the real Steve Daines as a promoter of ‘Big Government’ and establishment candidates. This was on full display in the 2022 Western District Congressional primary between Ryan Zinke and Albert Olszewski (as we will consider later) – as an example of Daine’s duplicity. Daines demonstrated that integrity and conservativism mean nothing to him.

I will also expose Tim Sheehy as the unprincipled, inexperienced, establishment candidate that he is.

You have two key questions to answer as you consider this primary: First, has Tim Sheehy, in his business dealings, demonstrated a consistent commitment to conservative values even when it would cost him professionally? We are now seeing many medical professionals and others make choices that could cost them their profession. Has Tim Sheehy demonstrated that kind of commitment?

I will ask questions relevant to where Tim Sheehy has stood on the issues of climate change, ESG, and DEI. A candidate who compromises his integrity just once will become a congressman who does so a thousand times. Tim has flip-flopped on these issues, especially climate change – arguably the biggest political issue in America.

Tim Sheehy, Climate Advocate or Principled Conservative?

Tim Sheehy was a pro-Ciimate Change advocate before running for U.S. Senator in the Primary-

The Huffington Post Reveals Double Dip: “A GOP Senate Candidate’s Shameless
Opportunism on Climate Change”.

(Pence interjects) “While this is a liberal source, they ask and answer some troubling questions, mostly with direct quotes. Note, again, that the article mentions that some of the “climate change” language was scrubbed from the Bridger Aerospace website before his candidacy began.”

The Huffington Post also shared,

“On the other hand, it is a shameless display of opportunism and partisan rhetoric that comes as the nation suffers rapidly worsening climate impacts — and as Sheehy’s company, Bridger Aerospace, continues to tout itself as a leader in the fight against planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Huffington Post continued,

“This is what a candidate does to prepare for a Republican primary. Acknowledging that the globe is warming won’t hurt him in a general election, but it will in a primary.”

“For years, Tim was outspoken about the need to combat global climate change, even publicly supporting a major initiative to curb emissions.” In a presentation to investors, Tim’s company boasted that its mission is to “directly attack CO2 emissions to combat climate change.” The California climate package that impressed Sheehy so much contained billions for wildfires, but also funded Green New Deal-esque initiatives including $3.9 billion for electric vehicle investments and grants for environmental justice projects. (You can read the rest of The Huffington Post article by clicking here.) By Chris D’Angelo (Huff Post)

Pence continued,

“In an Op-ed, in March 2021, a few weeks after President Joe Biden reentered the
United States into the Paris climate accord, Sheehy published an op-ed in the Salt
Lake Tribune applauding a newly formed, bipartisan wildfire caucus in Congress. In
it, he called for global cooperation to fight climate change.

To read Sheehy’s op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune click here. (By Tim Sheehy) 

But there’s more. Read the next part as Pence shares unbelievable information with us.

ESG and DEI – True Marks of a Progressive

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was omitted from Sheehy’s website before he ran for the Primary for U.S. Senator
Sheehy was pro ‘Economic Social Governance’ before the Primary race for U.S. Senator

There are two other worldview issues that Daines and Sheehy are dancing
around and they are both evil.
While there are many distinguishing marks of a
Progressive, two of the most egregious in this hour would be a person who
embraces ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance and DEI – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Pence continues,

Bridger Aerospace company promoted itself to the far-left Woke community as a “fundamentally-driven ESG business,” thus securing a $160M ESG industrial development bond – one of the largest ESG-accredited
“sustainability” bonds ever. After becoming a candidate, Sheehy then scrubbed all ESG references from his website. In this article, D.A. Davidson Closes $160M in Bonds to Advance Next Generation Aerial Firefighting Platform, we see Bridger Aerospace receiving a revenue funding bond from Davidson. The subtitle was “Deal with Bridger Aerospace represents the third largest taxable non-rated
municipal ESG bond.”

The news release goes on to say “We are proud that our unique ability to accomplish a taxable, non-rated municipal offering will contribute to the greater good of our climate.” To read the full report published by D.A. Davidson click here.

And what was Sheehy’s response?

“Teaming up with a like-minded partner like D.A. Davidson that not only shares our fundamental business principles of environmental and social sustainability, but provides the financing solutions we require, which will position us well to effectively combat today’s changing climate,” said Tim Sheehy, CEO, founder, and director of Bridger Aerospace.

Pence then comments,

D. A. Davidson sure seems to say Bridger is all in on ESG as they go on to say
“Bridger was an ideal partner for D.A. Davidson & Co. as the firm looks to
expand its presence in the growing municipal ESG marketplace.”

Try as he might, Tim Sheehy just can’t dance around this ESG compromise to get $160M. Compromise. Compromise. Compromise.

“Tim Sheehy’s company is clearly in the DEI camp. They say “We believe that
diversity and inclusion is critical for the attraction and retention of top talent
and we employ policies and procedures to recruit women and minorities… without
regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression.

Pence exposed,

“When you hear the terms ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender expression’, understand that
they refer to the support for the LEFT’s darling – Gender Ideology and the
Transgender movement. Clearly, Bridger and Sheehy cross a line between equal
opportunity for race, sex, or religion to pander to gender identity and that is
clearly pandering to Transgenders.”

In conclusion, Sheehy has been an advocate (via Bridger Aerospace) as he claimed to be pro-‘Climate Change’, and for ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ (which includes ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’), and an advocate of ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance’.

Once Daines stepped into the scene these issues were scrubbed from Sheehy’s website so as to prepare the young candidate for the primary as Sheehy is running for U.S. Senator.

Coming up next: (In part 2 of “Unprincipled” we will concentrate on Senator Daines’s role concerning Tim Sheehy and much more).

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