Kalispell City Council Member Fisher Disgusted by Homeless Mess- MT Gov. Candidate Tanner Smith Speaks Up


Let’s face it everyone is fed up to the gills. The homeless litter is absolutely disgusting as well as them defecating wherever and whenever they please. (See yesterday’s article concerning this matter by clicking here).

That’s correct Councilman Fisher-you nailed it! Hopefully the rest of the City Council will catch the vision of how horrific this is and pull the ‘Conditional Use Permit’ from the Flathead Warming Center which is drawing folks to our county at an alarming rate with little to no accountability.

One valley resident shared the following asking Fisher, “No Enforcement????

She continued, “Whatever happened to these ordinances????”

Councilman Fisher responded with, “Guessing it only applies to those who can pay fines. I’ll research.”

Several folks chimed in with responses of how disgusted they were and how Kalispell is turning into “Spokane” etc.

One gal shared, “I saw like 5 different abandoned piles in just my few stops today.”

A gentleman stated, “In Georgia, they gave them 24 hours to leave then came in with bulldozers and dumpsters. After they cleaned up the villages they put up 12′ high fences with razor wire on top.”

Tanner Smith (R) running for Governor of Montana interjected, “When I’m Governor we’re going to fix this problem Statewide.”

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  1. It’s humorous you fail to recognize the locals litter problem as well. They are more than half the problem. The garbage all over the side of the highways is not from homeless, but the next generation locals who assault and threaten their own kind thinking they are the out of towners and homeless they blame for the problems they contribute to. Has no one heard the saying of getting the 2×4 out of your own eye before pulling the splinter from another’s?

    • reality is the homeless are the ones pushing carts..i see it constantly and yes ive helped the homeless population here for YEARS Via AROH. this mess is caused by a lack of accountability rules and Low Barrier shelters which draw these folks.we know for a FACT they are coming from Spokane and Seattle etc Spokane’s LBS just lost their condidtional use permit.

  2. Somebody fix this problem it tanks property values. Nobody want to live in a slum. HEY HEY, HO HO, NGO”S have to go and 501 3’cs that don’t even pay property tax. Can’t beat free.!!!!

    • dear friend i and others are working hard on this meaning asking folks to write to the City Council ..writing these articles and trying to get folks to the meeting on May 13th.


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