‘Montanans For Limited Government’ Endorse Candidates (Guess Who Didn’t Make the List)


Endorsements via ‘Montanans For Limited Government’ are a highly coveted ‘stamp of approval’ (that not just anyone receives). Only the most freedom-minded Patriots receive this high honor accolade.

What is most interesting however, is who DIDN’T make the list.

Well, first and foremost Courtenay Sprunger and Tony Brockman didn’t make the list. Not only are they not conservative they are closer to being Democrats than Republicans. (Read here and here to learn the truth about these two non-freedom-minded candidates). Michelle Binkley didn’t make the list and neither did John Fitzpatrick (to learn more about him click here). Jennifer Carlson doesn’t appear to be on the list and neither does Thomas Jenkins.

So not to bore you let’s take a look at who DID make the list. (See below).

Montana 2024 Primary Election


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04/02/2024 09:00 PM

For the 2024 Primary Election, MFLG is focusing on a limited number of contested races and newly minted candidates. Here are our recommendations.

PSC 3 – Suzzann Nordwick

PSC 4 – Jennifer Fielder

Clerk of the Supreme Court – Bowen Greenwood

Montana State Senate Candidates 

SD02 – Doug Adams

SD05 – Matt Regier

SD13 – Lola Sheldon-Galloway

SD15 – Rhonda Knudsen

SD17 – Bob Phalen 

SD27 – Vince Ricci

SD33 – Neal Ganser

SD38 – Becky Beard or Jeremy Mygland

SD44 – Theresa Manzella

Montana State House Candidates 

HD02 – Tom Millett

HD03 – Cathy Mitchell

HD07 – Shaun Pandina

HD08 – Lukas Schubert

HD11 – Ed Byrne

HD12 – Tracy Sharp

HD16 – Rolland Heagy

HD19 – Hannah Trebas

HD20 – Steven Galloway

HD28 – Mark Wicks

HD33 – Brandon Ler

HD55 – Mary Horman

HD59 – Marc Greendorfer

HD64 – Jolene Crum

HD65 – Esther Fishbaugh

HD68 – Caleb Hinkle

HD70 – Shannon Maness

HD76 – Dave Kesler III

HD77 – Jane Gillette

HD78 – James Bergstrom

HD80 – Rachel Burright

HD81 – Dustin Scott

HD82 – John Looney Sr.

HD85 – Kathy Love

HD88 – Kim Dailey

HD90 – Steven DeLisle or Jeff Stanek

HD92 – Ted Morgan 

HD99 – Ryan Darling

This website is paid for by:

Montanans for Limited Government

Kathy Kay, Treasurer

PO Box 1154, Lolo, MT 59847

(Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee).

To learn more about MFLG click here.

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