Jesse Boyd Claims Atty General Knudsen/Madison County LE “Persecuting Principal/Superintendent Sharyl Allen”


Persecuted missionary Jesse Boyd (whose team was assaulted and arrested in November of 2022) in Madison County, Montana, by Madison County Law Enforcement, claims that Christian Principal/Superintendent of Harrison School, Sharyl Allen, is under persecution over children’s and parental rights.

Boyd stated the following,

LAWFARE and persecution of Christians in Madison County, Montana is happening again.

“Here is a press release from the Christian principal who was arrested for insisting that officers get parental consent before interrogating students on school grounds in complete accordance with school policy.

Boyd continued,

There should be public outrage over this.

“And surprise, surprise, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is once again involved, throwing Christians under the bus.

(See press release below)

Local Superintendent Advocates for Parental Rights and Pays a High Cost
Madison County, Montana – April 30, 2024 – In a bold stand for parental rights and student
protection, local Superintendent and Candidate for State Superintendent, Sharyl Allen, found
herself in the midst of a controversy as she was arrested by the Madison County Sheriff’s
Captain on April 23, 2024. The charge: Obstructing a peace officer.
Allen’s arrest came as a result of her unwavering insistence that parents be notified before
minor children are interrogated. Board policy includes the following statement: The student’s
parent or guardian should be present, if practicable, during any interrogation on school
premises. She firmly believes that parental involvement is crucial in safeguarding the rights of
students. By adhering to board policy and advocating for parental rights, Allen was fulfilling her
duty to protect students while ensuring parents are informed and involved in their children’s
lives. She sought legal counsel after observing non-verbal law enforcement cues, and was
advised to be very careful as she could be arrested as outlined in criminal code MCA 45-7-302.

She called the Captain with this added legal advice the afternoon before she was arrested.

Reflecting on the incident, Allen expressed her commitment to the values Montanans hold
dear: the rights of parents to raise their children.. Despite the consequences she faces for her
actions, Allen remains resolute in her dedication to championing parental rights and what that
means in standing up for students.

As Montanans rally behind Allen, her courage and determination serve as an inspiration to all
who share her commitment to upholding parental rights and ensuring the rights of students are
also preserved.

Allen’s initial hearing was held today in the Madison County Justice Court this morning, where
she pled not guilty to the charge of Obstructing a peace officer.

About Sharyl:

Sharyl Allen’s 40+ years in education has reminded her over and over of the responsibility to
fight for kids, and advocate for parental rights no matter the personal cost. Currently serving as
a local Superintendent and Candidate for State Superintendent, Allen has been unwavering on
the responsibility of parents to raise their children – not government nor government schools.
Her recent arrest underscores her steadfast determination to stand firmly in protecting
students and defending parental rights in raising their children despite the adversity.
### Follow Sharyl Allen:
Website –Click Here
[End of Press Release]

Jesse Boyd claims that Sharyl Allen is under persecution via Attorney General Austin Knudsen and his office/Madison County LE just as he and his team of missionaries have been.

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