Montana ‘Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’ Wants Bill To ‘Meter’ Exempt Well Water


That’s right folks. Yes you read that correctly. According to a Bozeman (whistleblower) citizen the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’ plans on slapping a meter on exempt water wells. UNBELIEVABLE. (This is what socialism and communism looks like).

“Are you aware that the MT DNRC is going to put forth a bill next session that would require ALL exempt wells to have water meters put on them due to a “shortage” of water? I was informed of this by my State Representative.”

This is for real.

The disgusted and appalled Bozeman resident continued,

“The DNRC has taken its dog and pony show on the road for the past year, visiting with most if not all the county commissioners. I assume it is to educate them on the “water shortage”. In other words, they’re already priming the pump.”

Friends be prepared to write and call and hound those legislators during the next session who might DARE TRY to pass such a hideous bill through!

And remember we must always stay ahead of the curve!

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