UPDATE: Strange and Scary Woman Invades Yard Snatches Up Baby-Parents Enraged (Father Shares Details)


Recently in Kalispell a bizarre event took place. It seems a woman high on drugs just happened to wander into a yard filled with children and a mom and then the following encounter took place (read, watch the video clip, and take a look for yourself).

To watch a silent video click here. (You can view the woman wildly flailing her arms).

The father was infuriated (as was the mother) and here is what he shared publicly to caution other parents about the incident.

The pictures below share the incident in a time sequence. Keep a look out for this woman.

Once the father returned home (the wife was too shaken up to call immediately as she scurried the children back inside to safety), he called 911 and spoke with a female dispatcher who asked him if “he had ‘NO TRESPASSING SIGNS’ up and he shared “No, we aren’t allowed to and to which the dispatcher responded with “Oh”. The father felt that was a bizarre response because what difference should that make when the law had been broken?

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Here is the newest information in the case via the father’s update:

“My wife called me and I came home, found where she lives (not far from our home) I called the police and the following happened.”

“I called the cops after the incident and they came to take her to jail because of ‘Failure to Appear’ (not because of the trespassing or putting hands on our baby). Prior to finding her the police also shared that “if they made contact with her they’d be taking her to jail ‘for separate issues’.” They then stopped back by after cuffing her and told us they were taking her to jail but more than likely she would be “out after court.”

She was then released and out on Tuesday afternoon.

Again he shared,

“It was her that got arrested on a warrant for ‘Failure to Appear’ is my understanding. And she was out the next day. My wife is going to try and file for a temporary order of protection which will hopefully have her removed from the park. She was out on Tuesday afternoon and is out and roaming-in fact my wife watched her walk by and ride a bike twice yesterday.”

Furthermore, the father shared with M1N that the officers were elusive (and skirted around the question as to whether or not they could or would do anything about her trespassing and endangering his wife and children). So there you have it folks, the police won’t commit to doing anything if a stranger wanders into your yard, scares your wife or children, picks up your child, and invades your property. You and your neighbors must watch out for each other; it’s up to you.

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