M1N Wants to Know: What Will You Do When the Diesel Fuel Shortage Strikes?


Montana First News wants to know. What exactly will YOU do when the Diesel shortage strikes in 25 days (or less)?

Will you race out immediately and fill your tanks? Will you somehow try to store “extra fuel” (which can be super tricky to do).

Will you stock up on toilet paper? Oysters? Tortilla Chips?

Will you hitch rides? Car share? Will you buy a non diesel fuel truck?

How long do you think the shortage will take place? Do you think this is a result of the Russian/Ukrainian War?

Will you hit the grocery store like never before?

Will it affect you and your life tremendously? How or how not?

Be sure to engage and chime in on this topic because we seriously want to know.

Stay tuned here at Montana First News to see how the diesel shortage develops.

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